5 Car Dealer Vendors to Watch in 2015


The beginning of the year is always huge for the automotive industry. It has taken a huge role in the International Consumer Electronics Show. After that, there’s the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention. Between the two, it’s an opportunity for OEMs and vendors to show what they have planned for the upcoming year.

Part of our job is to be privy to the latest and greatest before it comes out. As a result, we get to see exciting things, but there’s a caveat. To maintain the ability to continue to get this insider information, we usually can’t say much about it. That’s our lot. It requires a bit of trust on your end.

Here are five of the companies that we’re most excited about for 2015. We can’t go into many details about why, but at least we can tease them a bit.

Dealer Socket

Their tagline has been “We Are Automotive.” It’s a broad statement considering that they focus on CRM software only… or do they? Rumors have been flying about who is going to buy them or who they’re going to buy for years. Is 2015 the year that it finally happens? We think so. We just can’t say what we’ve heard, but we can assure you that it’s exciting stuff, the kind of thing that should get dealers excited.


Big money. Big ambitions. Better relations with dealers. That has been the recent history for the company. Now, it would seem that they are poised to join the ranks of other nationwide companies that bridge the gaps between consumers and dealers. Are their new things on the horizon? Yes!


Some would say that there hasn’t been anything exciting in the world of classified advertising in a while, but don’t tell inventory posting tool LotVantage. After launching social media posting last year and seeing the trends on sites like Craigslist and eBay Motors, they’re primed for amazing things in 2015.


Just a few years ago, many were questioning whether or not the company would survive the rush by dealers to generate “first party leads” on their own websites. They didn’t just survive. They flourished. Now, they’re poised to introduce new technology and to participate in acquisitions that should keep them high on dealers’ radars.

The Next Up

It isn’t all about driving leads, managing inventory, or communicating with customers. There’s still the whole process of selling the cars to people, and that’s where The Next Up comes in with interesting concepts and a process that would work for nearly every aggressive dealership in the country.

2015 promises to be another stellar year in the car business. Some dealers will ride the wave. Others will make their own wave. These companies will help the latter.

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