The Kia Sportage: Still Popular After 30 Years

The Kia Sportage is one of the most popular Kia SUVs and for many good reasons. The latest models are filled with modern, cutting-edge features, while pre-owned models offer great value and reliability. How is the Kia Sportage still popular after 30 years? It just keeps getting better!

The First Two Generations: A Long History

The first Kia Sportage arrived in 1995. If you didn’t see this first generation, you might not recognize it, because it looked much different. It wasn’t until the second generation that the Sportage started to resemble the modern SUV that we know today. This Sportage was affordable while still offering a well-equipped cabin and plenty of power.
The Sportage stood out from other small SUVs in 1995 because it was not only small, but it looked a little like a truck.

The Third Generation Sportage

When the third generation Kia Sportage arrived, it was with a complete redesign that made it a more serious competitor in the small SUV market. Its new look was sleek and stylish, and the cabin had a more premium feel. This generation also received new powertrain options, including a 2.4-liter four-cylinder and a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. With this extra power, increased fuel economy, and new look, the Kia Sportage was a big contender for SUV drivers.

A Fourth Generation of Kia Sportage Arrives

2017 was the year of the fourth generation Sportage. It’s also the year the tech got better with a digital information display in the dashboard and new driver-assist safety technology. When you got behind the wheel of this Kia Sportage, you could have automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and forward collision warning to help keep you safe.

The fourth generation Sportage was also when Kia introduced the first hybrid Sportage. The 2018 model offered a hybrid powertrain with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gas engine and an electric motor that combined to generate 226 horsepower. This generation Kia Sportage stayed on dealer lots until 2022, when an even newer generation arrived.

The Modern Kia Sportage: As Popular as Ever

Over its long history, Kia has made sure the Sportage grew into an SUV that modern drivers can still fall in love with. The latest generation started with the 2023 model. It grew again to help make it stand out from the smaller Seltos, and its trim lineup grew, with new models designed to take on some adventurous terrain.

Its two rows of seats provide comfortable seating for up to five people, and with options for cloth, synthetic leather and genuine leather available, there’s a Sportage for everyone. The latest generation Sportage has a huge 12.3-inch touchscreen available, putting all of your infotainment front and center in the dashboard. It also has wireless charging, USB ports for the rear seat passengers, and an onboard navigation system.

The Kia Sportage is as popular now as it was when it first arrived in 1995. Whether you find a brand new model or a previously owned one, this SUV is sure to please.

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