Ford’s SUV Focus Sharpens: 2025 Explorer Leads the Charge

Ford continues to go all-in with SUVs and trucks. This puts more pressure on new and updated models like the 2025 Ford Explorer.

Sometimes, when an automaker is preparing for a new generation, they delete some trims, but that’s not what Ford has done. The company reduced the Explorer trims down to four but made significant updates to nearly every aspect of this popular SUV. The Explorer continues with its current powertrains but now has improved styling and upgraded cabin materials to make it a better SUV.

Let’s check out some of the changes made to the 2025 Ford Explorer.

The Explorer meets many needs

Since the Explorer hit the market in 1991, it has been America’s best-selling SUV. This is a source of pride for Ford, which means they need to ensure they don’t mess up the success of this appealing name. More than 8 million Explorer models have been sold since this SUV arrived, making it an impressive choice and an excellent three-row midsize SUV for many drivers. The 2025 version has an upgraded interior with larger digital displays and better materials, making this cabin more inviting and modern.

More standard content makes driving easier

It used to be a signature aspect of Ford vehicles to have several options to choose from in every model. This Included engines, cabin materials, safety features, and sound systems. The 2025 Ford Explorer is reduced to four trims instead of eight from previous years. This reduction of trims means 90% fewer configurations and more standard content. The hybrid version is gone for now. The reason for this deletion is the need to have all hybrid Explorer models built for Police departments around the country. There’s a significant demand by police departments to have these Ford SUVs.

Will there be an off-road-focused trim?

The Timberline trim was the rugged, off-road-focused model of the Explorer. The 2025 lineup gives us Active, ST-Line, Premium, and ST. You don’t see Timberline listed in that mix. Some might wonder if this means Ford intends to create an Explorer Raptor, but that’s unlikely. The Explorer isn’t built as an off-roader first, and a road warrior second. It’s much more likely we’ll see the return of the Timberline trim in future models, giving us a new off-road version of this SUV.

The ST brings something exciting to the mix

The 2025 Ford Explorer ST is the most exciting and performance-oriented version of this Ford SUV. The ST brings impressive power that you won’t find in most other midsize SUVs. If you choose this model, you’ll have the desired power but can also attend a complimentary Ford Performance Racing School and enjoy the ST Driving Experience. This is something you won’t get to do if you choose the Explorer’s platform-mate, Lincoln Aviator. This experience could make driving the Explorer more fun for you.

Three-row is necessary

Consumers are showing they want to drive midsize SUVs with at least three rows of seats. This could push the Ford Edge out of the market, but it would be a boon for the Explorer. This three-row SUV continues to be an important part of the Ford SUV lineup, making it easy to enjoy the versatility offered. However, the Explorer doesn’t have the most comfortable third-row seat area in the market, it’s useful and delivers the benefits of either more seats for passengers or a large cargo area for your stuff.

Will more drivers move away from the Escape?

The Ford Escape is a useful and relatively popular compact two-row crossover, but other models are much more popular. Toss in the cannibalization of this model by the new Ford Bronco Sport, and you might see the start of the end for the Escape. Will some buyers choose the 2025 Ford Explorer over the Escape? Typically, that’s not the case, but it’s hard to predict future buying trends.

The Explorer pushes the Edge over

The Ford Edge broke into the midsize crossover market with a stubborn two-row build that provides a large cargo space and impressive comfort for passengers. Unfortunately, this stubbornness leads to the Edge becoming a dinosaur. This Ford SUV will continue for this year, but production will end to make room for new electric Ford vehicles. The versatility and popularity of the Ford Explorer push the other midsize Ford SUV over the Edge, giving us a terrible pun.

The 2025 Ford Explorer comes in reduced trim, brings better interior materials, offers upgraded technology, and has improved styling. This new model could be a great choice for anyone searching for a versatile and useful Ford SUV. Will it be the vehicle you drive every day?

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