Which Hyundai Sonata is the Best?

The Hyundai Sonata has been around for more than 30 years, offering us an impressive midsize sedan that could be right for your family to enjoy a great ride.

If you’re considering a used Sonata and want to know which models rank near the top, we’ve got the answers for you. This midsize Hyundai sedan has been a quality performer and impressive driving machine for several generations. If we look back as far as the fourth generation of this car, we find a few models that could make your list and give you the desired driving experience.

Should you choose a 2003 or 2004 model?

You should keep in mind that Sonata models from 2003 and 2004 are already more than twenty years old. This means you should expect a pre-owned Hyundai sedan from these years to have more than 200,000 miles on the odometer. Still, if the car you find has been well-maintained, it might have some life left in it. These cars should cost no more than $3,000, which makes it easy for you to pay cash and get the sedan you want to drive.

The 2005 model is the best of this generation

The fourth generation of the Hyundai Sonata lasted from 1999-2005, and the final model year was the best and most reliable of this generation. This version offers a stylish look and an upscale interior to provide you with the driving experience you want to enjoy. Even nearly twenty years later, this Hyundai sedan has only had one recall in its lifespan. If you find a well-maintained model, you’ll be glad to get behind the wheel and enjoy an affordable and reliable drive on any road.

The 2009 Sonata could be a great choice

As we move into the fifth generation Sonata, we find the 2009 model is the right choice. This generation lasted only five years, from 2006-2010, with the 2009 version being the right model from the group. This practical and impressive sedan has good safety scores, a spacious interior, and excellent fuel mileage. The 2009 model only has two recalls, which is really good for a car that’s fifteen years old. This impressive car can be the right Hyundai Sonata to drive.

The next model worth its salt is the 2019 version

Skip right over the sixth-generation models and move into the seventh for the next Sonata that makes it onto the list of the best models. The 2019 version is a sold option with lots of modern features that make it great for you to have a fantastic drive. The 2019 Sonata offers handsome styling, a comfortable ride, and a quiet cabin. As you might expect, this relatively modern version has many of the modern safety features we expect to find on our current vehicles.

Are there any Sonata’s worth skipping?

Although we’ve listed four great choices when you want to enjoy a used Hyundai Sonata, there are some versions that should be left alone. Here are some of them:

2006 is a bad model year

Typically, when a new generation appears, it’s a good idea to skip over the first model year. This version usually has the most problems and complaints. That’s certainly the case with the 2006 model year of this Hyundai sedan. The 2006 Sonata has over 1,000 complaints and 11 recalls, which makes it a bit problematic.

The worst model is the 2011 Sonata

One of the most unreliable model years for this Hyundai sedan is the 2011 Sonata. This model year received over 5,000 complaints and 14 recalls. It’s also been mired with the tag of the worst Sonata model of all time. If you want to know which model year to avoid, the 2011 model is the one to “avoid like the plague,” which should be enough to make you go running to the hills for another car.

Stay away from the 2012 and 2013 Sonatas

The reliability problems facing the 2011 Hyundai Sonata continued with the 2012 and 2013 model years. These models have eight recalls, more than 2,000 complaints each, and are cars that should be avoided. Even if you think you’ve found a good deal, you shouldn’t drive one of these model years of the Sonata. That good deal will quickly turn into inherited problems, which sours that deal in a hurry.

If you’ve got your eyes on a pre-owned Hyundai Sonata, we’ve provided you with a few model years that could work out great and several that you should avoid. Happy hunting.

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