Wear Your Adventures With Pride With the Subaru Badge of Ownership

You’ve seen pride stickers on the back of many vehicles, and now Subaru gets in on the action with uniquely branded Badge of Ownership items for your vehicle.

Have you ever owned a Subaru? If not, maybe you should. Many Subaru owners feel a certain level of affection for their car and its brand name. This affection rivals that of many Jeep owners that come with off-road appeal. Most Subaru cars and SUVs also provide impressive off-road appeal with the standard Symmetrical AWD system that’s part of every Subaru except the BRZ sports car.

How can you dress up your ride

The vanity stickers that people love to put in their rear window don’t often have any consistency to them. You might see several different stickers on the back of vehicles in traffic, which is fine if that’s the look those drivers want to enjoy, but Subaru owners have something that looks even better. These new Subaru items allow you to show off your pride and personality in a fun way that comes with a consistent look across all of the badges. You’ll find an impressive array of badges that you can order and apply to your Subaru.

How many badges can you order?

When you get started with the Subaru Badge of Ownership program, it could be difficult to stop. Currently, there are 33 different badges to order from. These badges show various activities or support elements that you could be interested in. If you support the military, there’s a badge for that; if you’re into photography, there’s a badge for that; if you’re an animal lover, there’s a badge for that. You get the idea. Order as many of these badges as you want, and Subaru will ship them to you and tell you how to put them on the rear of your ride.

What are Loyalty Numbers

Recently, Subaru was listed as the top car brand in terms of customer loyalty. This means that most Subaru owners are likely to purchase another model from this brand when it’s time for their next ride. This loyalty can be shown off with the Loyalty Number, which gets your badge started. Currently, the number only goes to 10, but there is a 10+ number for those lifelong Subaru drivers who have had more than ten vehicles from this fun and active brand.

Do these badges cost anything?

You might think the Subaru Badge of Ownership program is a gimmick by the brand to generate another stream of income, but that’s not the case. New and used Subaru owners can choose the badges desired, and they will be shipped to them for free. In addition to these free badges, Subaru includes instructions for placing the badges on the rear of the vehicle. The Lifestyle Icons, which are the activity and support badges, marry perfectly with the Loyalty Number to create one large badge to display on the rear of your Subaru vehicle.

Which Subaru models have the most badges?

While we don’t have a solid answer to this question, our guess would be the Subaru Outback. What makes this a reasonable choice? The Outback has transitioned from an adventure wagon for outdoor, off-road fun to an SUV capable of tackling trails and wilderness with ease. The adventurous nature of the Outback makes it a reasonable choice as the Subaru has the most badges. You could easily see the Family, Parks, Road Trips, Hiking, Camping, and Environment badges on the rear of many Outback models. Of course, other Subaru models could be well-badged and showcase lifestyle elements for owners.

Can these badges replace the pride stickers?

Instead of taking the pride stickers off of your vehicle, especially the sticker with your family and their names displayed, use the Subaru Badge of Ownership program as a way to complement the stickers that you enjoy displaying. It’s easy to put the Military badge in your Subaru badge program while also displaying a sticker depicting the branch of the military you served in or have a family member serving. The outdoor sports badge is an excellent complement to your “I Heart Boating” sticker. As you can see, this program complement your current sticker program well.

Show your pride in what your life is all about while also telling the world how many Subaru vehicles you’ve owned with the Badge of Ownership program. Put your order in today and get ready to enjoy a new display on the back of your ride.

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