Sterrato: Unveiling Lamborghini’s Outrageous Huracan for Off-Roading

Forget the idea of staying in your lane, Lamborghini has created a variant of the Huracan that can handle some off-road driving. This is crazy.

Low-slug, high-powered sports cars belong on the track, and off-road SUVs and trucks belong on the trails. Of course, we could think back to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials where two people bicker over the combination of chocolate and peanut butter that works great. Maybe a high-powered sports car could be great on some light trails where they could travel to some wonderful locations and show off with style and presence.

An All-Weather Huracan

Unless it’s a Lamborghini tractor, you don’t often think of taking a Lambo out for a spin in the snow or on a gravel road. This didn’t stop the company from creating the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, which is a sports car that can be driven on some trails. This variant can be driven all year long and head to lots of places where other low-slung, high-end sports cars cannot go. Lamborghini first thought of this as an experiment and offered it as a limited-edition model, but all 1,499 models have been sold out before the company could answer all questions about this car.

People love the idea of an off-road sports car

The Lamborghini team made the new Sterrato to stand out from other versions of the Huracan. This new model sits higher off the ground with an additional 1.7 inches of ground clearance compared to the Huracan Evo. The Sterrato also features aluminum front underbody protection and rides on a set of custom-made Bridgestone tires that are made for any road condition or surface. This specialized Lamborghini has a rally mode to handle some fast runs on dirt tracks, hinting that this car could take on the challenge of the World Rally Championship.

Is this Lambo a real off-roader?

If you expect the new Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato to handle some of the toughest trails, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This new off-road sports car isn’t as capable on the tough trails as a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota 4Runner, but it’s not expected to be, either. This car can’t crawl over boulders or handle sand dunes, but it can drive up the mountain to the ski resort, down a well-worn patch of beach, or on the gravel road to the party locations. This Lamborghini is also capable on slippery winter roads, making it easy to drive all year long.

Are other automakers creating off-road sports cars

Lamborghini isn’t the only high-end sports car automaker building off-road models for fun on the unpaved roads. The Porsche 911 Dakar is specifically built for some hardcore off-road fun on the trails, specifically ice, desert sand, and challenging road situations. The 911 Dakar has a hydraulic lift system, suspension, and Pirelli all-terrain tires to bring this car to an impressive 7.52 inches off the ground. Some SUVs don’t reach this mark. Of course, the history of Porsche in rally car racing makes it easy to imagine a Porsche off-road machine out on the rally tracks.

What makes an off-road exotic car a great choice?

Most owners of expensive, exotic cars worry about damaging these cars when driving them out on the road. This is still an important concern, but with models made for light off-road trails, the added ground clearance means most owners won’t worry about being too close to the curb or scraping the car on the ground. This adds to the enjoyment of driving one of these incredible new cars on the road while adding the confidence to drive them on the light trails as well.

Off-road sports cars aren’t brand new

The new Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is the latest addition to the mix, but using sports cars for off-road purposes isn’t a new concept. It’s not a common occurrence, but the Porsche 911 has been used for high-speed off-road races in the past. A German company transformed a 1990 Porsche 911 into an off-roading beast that could handle some fast-paced driving at the track or take on the Baja 1000. This is the versatility some owners of exotic cars search for and haven’t found until recently.

Will we see other sports cars turned into off-roading beasts? Chevrolet is already researching ways to turn the Corvette into an SUV, but this might be more akin to the current Ford Mustang Mach-E than a Corvette that’s been slightly lifted to maintain much of its sports car appeal. Still, the demand for the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato should indicate other exotic sports cars could be lifted and sold with all-terrain equipment to give owners the desired versatility in this market.

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