GMC and Buick Losing Its OnStar Subscription

What may come as a shock for many GMC and Buick enthusiasts comes as a shock to those hoping to save a little bit of money on new GMC and Buick models. As of mid-March, GM has stripped both GMC and Buick of their mandatory OnStar subscription, which was going to charge consumers $1,500. While this is most certainly a downgrade for all of these vehicles, it is going to be a massive discount for those looking to purchase new vehicles.

The OnStar subscription, which was set to appear in all GMC and Buick models in 2024, has now been revised. The OnStar subscription will now only be available in select brands with a tiered list of benefits according to their cost. Although this is unfortunate for consumers looking for more luxury, it is a very big relief for consumers who would rather save their money on their next vehicle purchase.

Thinking about buying a new GMC or Buick in 2024? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the OnStar Subscription.

What Exactly Is the OnStar Subscription?

Many car companies are coming out with subscriptions to bolster their experience with their vehicles. OnStar is another example of a subscription that gives consumers many more features to go along with their car. So, what is OnStar, and what are its features?

The OnStar subscription does many things, but it is most known for its automatic crash response, turn-by-turn navigation, stolen-car locator, and its in-car WiFi. These, along with some others, would cost consumers $49.99 a month, many of whom would be more than willing to pay.

The Big Change

General Motors has decided to mix things up. Originally, the OnStar subscription was set to be mandatory for all GMC and Buick models starting in 2024. Because of this, consumers would have to pay a mandatory $1,500 over three years just to have this feature, which they could not refuse.

But General Motors changed its mind. Instead of making OnStar mandatory for all GMC and Buick models, there will only be a select few that will be mandatory. These models include the GMC Hummer, the GMC Denali, and the Buick Avenir and its various trims. These models are considered more high-end for consumers, so, likely, they will not have any issue with paying for OnStar.

All In All

All in all, this is a good move from General Motors. Not all consumers are going to need or even want the OnStar subscription. By removing the subscription on most models, consumers are more incentivized to buy from GMC and Buick. And those who want OnStar still have the option of having those benefits if they want them.

To learn more about the OnStar subscription, visit your local Buick dealer. It is a pricey service, but it is worth it for people hoping to heighten their driving experience.

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