7 Things You Could Truly Love About the 2023 BMW XM

The new 2023 BMW XM is an extremely significant SUV as the M-Division’s first-ever hybrid production vehicle, and an M-Division-developed SUV.

The XM is a five-seat, performance-oriented, plug-in hybrid SUV that’s made to give you the desired driving experience while being a practical and useful vehicle on the road. This impressive model is great for your time on the track or when you need to travel to and from work every day. This new BMW could be the catalyst for the future of the BMW brand and the M-Division performance models.

Here are seven reasons you’ll love the new 2023 BMW XM.

1. Extremely loud design language

The design of the new XM comes mostly from the concept model that we saw in 2021. BMW has never been shy about offering impressive design elements that show off the visual bulk and proportions of any vehicle. The XM delivers the big size and presence we want to see in an SUV that’s been entirely designed by the M-Division team. Instead of being nothing more than a CUV, this big brute had sportiness and utility written all over it.

2. A more powerful version is on the way

The current BMW XM packed a powerful punch with a hybrid V8 powertrain that returns 653 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. A new Red Label model should arrive later this year to generate 748 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque. This new model will be the most powerful production SUV, pushing this BMW past the Ferrari Purosangue. Once this new XM arrives, we’ll see how it stacks when pitted against the Cadillac Escalade V.

3. Excellent performance in a big SUV

This impressive BMW SUV brings all of the performance features you expect from the M-Division. You’ll find everything you want, including a sport-tuned adjustable suspension, body control, and Sport mode to give you the high-powered drive you’re looking for in an excellent SUV. The engine features a reinforced crankshaft drive and repositioned turbos that deliver more horsepower than you would normally find from this engine. The M-Division certainly has its stamp on this amazing new luxury SUV.

4. You’ve got to see the cabin of this BMW

You’ll find a fantastic blend of retro design elements and modern technology in the cabin of the new BMW XM. The headliner delivers a fantastic geometric design, the dashboard features carbon fiber elements with copper inlays, and the seats are supportive and covered in top-notch materials. You can have this SUV with bright blue fabric seats and green shagpile carpets, or choose a more subdued and modern design theme to ensure you have a look you want to enjoy when you take the XM out for a drive.

5. Enjoy the sounds you want to hear from the XM

You expect the powerful 4.4-liter V8 engine to be loud and impressive, but BMW added a couple of tricks to this SUV. The exhaust system o the XM can be completely silent when you need to arrive home late at night, or it can be extremely loud with a visceral rumble that shakes the doors of nearby shops while you drive past. There’s no hiding this big brute when you’re ready to show up and show off with a thunderous arrival.

6. This can be a fantastic grand touring SUV

The BMW XM isn’t made only for the driving fun you want to have when you’re alone, it’s also a great vehicle for five people to take a trip together. You can fit all the luggage you need for the weekend inside this SUV and take it out for a drive. This isn’t a sleek coupe, it’s an SUV and on that can pull a heavy load, carry all your stuff, and smoothly drive you to wherever you want to go.

7. Familiar foes should shake in their boots

The fear that should be put into the hearts of other high-powered luxury SUVs will be even more troublesome once the Red Label model arrives. The new BMW XM will take on the latest crop of super SUVs, including the Lamborghini Urus Performante, Aston Martin DBX 707, and Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT. These SUVs might not stand a chance against an SUV that’s been completely designed in-house at the venerable BMW M-Division.

These are only seven reasons you should choose the new 2023 BMW XM; you’ll find many more.

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