Introducing an All-Electric Toyota C-HR

Nothing has been made official yet, but recent spy shots are being shared of an all-electric Toyota C-HR Prologue driving on the roads in Europe.

Although this testing car was covered the monochromatic camouflage, it’s easy to see this new EV looks very similar to the C-HR Prologue concept shown off in December. This new version of the C-HR is expected to receive three electrified powertrains, including a traditional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and an all-electric powertrain. These new powertrains can move the C-HR forward in nearly every market in the world, making it a new and improved subcompact crossover from this popular brand.

The lack of details leaves us wanting

The shape of this new Toyota SUV is extremely similar to the concept model, with only a few changes to the profile. These changes could be there to throw us off, but that won’t be the case when this car hits the market. The low profile and aggressive styling are exactly what we expect from a Toyota SUV. Although it’s often hard to see into the cabin of a testing car, this model shows a dashboard with a separate infotainment screen from the instrument cluster. This new C-HR could have two separate screens on the dashboard, which takes things to a more classic style than what we see in new EVs.

So far, we don’t have any official powertrain information for the new Toyota C-HR. An electric version of this crossover is offered in China with a driving range of up to 249 miles. This won’t likely cut it if this crossover makes its way to the United States, where many EVs now reach more than 300 miles on a single charge. Could the powertrain used for the larger bZ4X become the right system for the new C-HR? It’s entirely possible.

Would you like to drive the current C-HR?

The electrified versions of the C-HR are still in the testing phase and might not arrive in the market until 2024 or later. That said, it’s important that you know what’s available right now. Let’s look at some reasons you might consider driving the current 2023 model of this subcompact Toyota crossover.

You’ll find a new engine

The 2023 version of the Toyota C-HR is offered with either turbochargers or superchargers to make it more active and sporty. It’s not the most powerful engine in the market, but it does give you 144 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque, which is more than enough to handle this little SUV. You’ll find a CVT attached to the engine for maximum efficiency.

The sharp exterior is incredible

The sharp lines and creases we’ve admired in previous Toyota vehicles appear in the current version of the C-HR. This SUV looks aggressive and stylish. These qualities allow the C-HR to stand out in a class dominated by vehicles that look more like their higher-market siblings. If you’re looking for something different and polarizing, the C-HR is what you’ll want to drive.

How efficient is the new C-HR

Even without the new electrified powertrains, the Toyota C-HR offers you impressive efficiency numbers to make it extremely affordable for you to drive this small and active Toyota SUV. The numbers come in at 27 city/31 hwy mpg which gives you the efficiency you need. This SUV isn’t the most efficient in its class, but its more than good enough to be a useful small vehicle wherever you need to go.

The handling will impress you

The steering responds immediately to your inputs, making this small and active SUV one of the most fun vehicles you’ll drive. You can get aggressive with the C-HR when you take it out on the roads for some fun. The suspension soaks up road imperfections and makes driving more enjoyable for you. Considering you’ll do most of your driving on the road, there’s no reason to look for something with more power than this Toyota crossover.

The interior will amaze you

Toyota does an excellent job of offering some impressive interior elements. The cabin features almost no cheap plastics, which makes this area a great location for you. The dashboard offers a minimalistic style, with only the center touchscreen protruding out of the center. You’ll admire the youthful feeling in the cabin and the impressive array of excellent features that makes this SUV one that could be great for you to drive.

Several great trims have the features you desire

The LE trim is no longer, and the XLE trim is the starting point for your drive. This means you’ve got an upscale vehicle with more of what you want during your time behind the wheel. This version gives you a black contrast roof and white pearl paint as the starting point. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of 18-inch wheels, blind-spot monitoring, a proximity key, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The right performance level is present

The Toyota C-HR isn’t a quick SUV to drive. It won’t win any sprints, but it does have the right level of driving pleasure when you’re ready to go. There’s a lot to love about how this SUV performs on light trails or on the road. Regardless of where you want to drive, the C-HR offers an easy way to make things happen, just don’t expect it to tear off the line like a muscle car.

The C-HR is comfortable

We don’t often look at subcompact crossover SUVs as being comfortable, but this Toyota certainly is. The C-HR has an impressive ride quality which helps to make it comfortable. You’ll find more than enough room to sit and enjoy the drive to wherever you need to go. The rear seat isn’t the most spacious, but it works well for kids and adults, especially if you’re not going too far.

A good amount of storage space

This SUV doesn’t have the largest cargo room in the segment, but the shape of the area makes it more useful than most. You’ll easily bring home the groceries or carry a few boxes in the back when you fill this Toyota SUV with some of the items you’re looking for when it’s time for an easy drive. Open the rear and see what makes this SUV useful.

The Toyota C-HR is safe and reliable

As you might expect, this SUV wears a name that signifies it’s a reliable and safe vehicle for you to drive. Toyota has always been one of the top brands in these categories, and the C-HR benefits from being part of this brand family.

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