As Mazda’s Shift to EVs, the Automaker Balances Innovation and Identity

While the future is electric, not all automakers are quick to dive into the deep end. Automaker Mazda is taking its time as it balances what tomorrow’s EV landscape looks like and how its models will fit into that picture.

Mazda Weighs How to Move Forward in the Electric Vehicle Space

One thing is certain, as the automaker pushes into the electric vehicle space, they will likely start out with some of their most popular models, crossovers.

Mazda Plans for EV Market

Like all leading automakers, Mazda is committed to being a leader in the EV space by committing time, resources, and billions of dollars in funding for its electric vehicles portfolio.
While speaking with World News Era, Mazda CEO Akira Marumoto shared that the company will need to plan for electric vehicle production in America so as to provide the critical components needed for their largest markets.

Marumoto highlights that the company still has much to research and understand in order to be a leader in the space. Noted in his concerns are issues regarding the supply chain, customer demand, and how local regulations and guidelines will impact manufacturing.

Marumoto also highlights the unprecedented rise in electric vehicles. He shares, “Compared with two years ago, customers’ acceptance of EVs has really increased more than we expected,” adding, “I’m sure EV volume will continue to increase. But I can’t predict the timeline of EV penetration because there are so many uncertainties.”

In preparing for this road, Mazda is expecting their EV sales to make up anywhere from 25% to 40% of their overall global sales. This is a significant jump from their previously anticipated sales of just over a quarter.

Anticipated Mazda Electric Vehicle Models

While Mazda is preparing to invest heavily in electrifying its current offerings, the automaker is starting strong with its crossover models. Mazda crossovers have been especially popular amongst drivers who want space, comfort, and performance. Unlike other automakers that have already established designated EV models, Mazda is taking its time in the process.

The automaker has announced plans to unveil three fully electric vehicles by 2025. These models will be built on the company’s pre-existing electric technology. The automaker has been pretty quiet about development, but it is expected that their EVs will likely be similar in size as the Mazda 3 or CX-30.

Mazda Committed To Gas-Powered Excellence

While the automaker is committed to investing heavily in the electric vehicle space, there are some models that they plan to keep gas-powered. Popular models like the Mazda Miata have a special place in the hearts of drivers who love the power and performance of these zippy little cars. For many, it’s hard to imagine a world where the Miata gets electrified and still maintains that same level of fun it provides, especially when driven on a manual transmission.

Final Thoughts

Mazda finds itself in a unique situation as it plans for the road ahead, but tries to maintain its identity as a recognizable automaker. Until then, the automaker will likely remain quiet about their upcoming EV models, until the big reveal that is.

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