Corvette-Based Chevrolet Performance Car Coming in 2025

A new Chevrolet performance car is coming in 2025. It’s apparently based on the C8 platform but isn’t a Corvette. The GM president mentioned the car during the Investor Day presentation, which included information on a larger GMC Acadia and GM service centers working on Teslas. However, the new performance car came up during the discussion on what’s next for the Corvette.

The Future of Performance

The hybrid AWD Corvette is expected to come in 2023, but the car mentioned during this presentation was part of a vehicle lineup due in 2024. This next version of the C8 was called the next step up in performance for Chevrolet. It was described as so incredible that you won’t be able to hardly imagine it. A leaked GM document from 2020 referred to a Corvette Grand Sport and this is thought to possibly be the AWD hybrid. The powertrain in that model will be a 6.2-liter V8 combined with an electric motor. It should be rated at around 600 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque. The image for the other vehicle was obscured in the presentation, but it’s suspected that it showed the ZR1. The aforementioned leaked document said this car would be due in 2024 and feature an amazing 850 horsepower and 825 pound-feet of torque.

Incredible Chevrolet Performance Car

However, the ZR1 is still not the car hinted at in the presentation. Instead, the car that follows the ZR1 is the one referred to as an “incredible performance car” by the GM president. This car is expected to put the world on notice of GM’s capability with regard to pure power and performance. It will also set the world standard for Chevrolet performance. Based on the trim outlines, this sounds like a Corvette-type vehicle rumored to be called the Zoro. The speculation on this vehicle is that it will feature a twin-turbo LT7 V8 with electric motors to make a sizzling 1,000 horsepower. The GM president did not refer to this car as a Corvette in his speech, rather he said that it would be based on the C8 platform. Since there were other rumored models that the president clearly called a form of Corvette, it makes one wonder why he didn’t do the same for this mysterious car.

Big Things Coming

Even bigger things seem to be on the way for the venerable Corvette. A LinkedIn post from April showed footage of the 2023 AWD Corvette and it’s mentioned that a fully electric Ultium-based Corvette will be coming in the future. Ultium is GM’s cutting-edge EV platform that is the face of every new GM EV right now. The other Corvette vehicles that seem to be unaccounted for are the EV crossover based on the Corvette and the Corvette sedan EV that is rumored to show up somewhere in the middle of the decade, which would be a few years from now.

In other words, stay tuned. Bigger and more interesting things are on tap for Chevrolet and the Corvette world.

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