10 Chevrolet Models We Wish Would Return

Good or bad, there are some Chevrolet models that we would love to see made in the modern era, which might make some even better than before.

Could some of the old models that didn’t do well come back better than ever? Might we see Chevy put the personality of these outdated vehicles into the mix to give us a new take on them? With more than 100 years of automotive history under its belt, Chevy certainly has the longevity to bring us a few vehicles that could be great if brought back to the market for another run.

Could the Chevrolet Yeoman Make a Comeback

In today’s world, a large and workhorse-like station wagon could be something interesting. Of course, it might not be a wagon, but the original Yeoman was. This car came to the market in 1958 and was one of the few one-hit wonders from the bowtie brand. This wagon offered two or four-door configurations and a fully washable interior. Power came from three different engines to make this big car run. One engine was a 5.7-liter turbocharged V8, which sounds oddly familiar with a different brand.

A New Version of the Chevrolet Corvair Might Change its History

The original Chevy Corvair was donned one of the most dangerous cars ever made and unsafe at any speed. Could this be one of the Chevrolet models that makes a return as an incredible sports coupe? Maybe the brand could use this name for a new EV that sends power to the rear wheels. The bad reputation of the original Corvair allows it to be a name we know well, which could also mean it becomes a car that we love to drive once again.

The Chevy Citation Could Use a Second Chance at Success

The Citation replaced the Nova with a shorter build and lighter weight, which should allow it to have more power and performance than the outgoing Nova. This was an improvement in some ways, but the poor build quality and unreliable drive made the Citation troublesome. Thankfully, the Citation II took care of some of these problems. Maybe it’s time for the third version with modern tech and impressive driving qualities.

The Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Rampside is Just Interesting Enough to be Cool

One of the things we admire in the auto market is odd and quirky vehicles. The Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Rampside is one such vehicle. This could be one of the Chevrolet models that brings a name back and delivers some cool personality at the same time. There were only 20,000 models of this pickup truck that offered the strange shape in the 1960s. The rear-mounted engine allowed this truck to be a cab-over model with a cool but unique style.

Could the Chevrolet Lumina APV Make a Return?

The minivan market seems to be resurging with a few models that offer classier builds and more qualities than ever before. The Lumina was a bullet-shaped minivan from the late 1980s that gave us a family vehicle that was interesting to drive. At the time, the futuristic look didn’t appeal to many buyers, but it could appeal to them now. In fact, this could be a good name to resurrect for the first-ever all-electric Chevrolet minivan. Will Chevy use the Lumina name for a new van?

Should the Chevrolet Spectrum Come Back for Another Run?

The Chevy Spectrum is known as the car that ruined the relationship between GM and Giorgetto Giugiaro. This boring and terrible car could be a compact car that needs to be brought back with a new life. The first version was terrible, but it could easily be one of the Chevrolet models that might be better than before. The original Spectrum was fun to drive, but it had an awful style and lackluster response in the 1980s.

The Chevrolet Corsica Wasn’t Supposed to Hit the Market, but it Did

Originally, the Chevrolet Corsica was only meant to go to rental car companies, but when it hit dealerships, it became one of the top cars sold in the United States. The Corsica brought tons of profits to the brand, but very few of these cars remain today. Maybe this could be one of the first Chevy cars that are sold to rental cars as an EV that can be rented out to customers looking for a nice car to drive during their vacation.

The Chevy Sprint Came Before the Spark; Could it Come After?

Now that the Chevy Spark is gone from the market, could it be time for a return of the Chevy Sprint? This little hatchback was the response to the Japanese insurgence in the American automotive market. GM might benefit from bringing a small car back as they make the move toward electric cars for the future. It might not be time to bring this car into the fold yet, but it might be a good option before the end of the decade.

Bring Back the Good Looks and Fun of the Chevrolet Monza

During a time when we had the Vega and Nova, the Monza was something better and more fun to drive. This car launched as an attractive sporty coupe that used either an inline-four, V6, or V8 engine for some excellent power choices. This rear-drive coupe didn’t keep up with other developments in the 1970s, but it could be one of the Chevrolet models that might be great to see once again.

The Chevy Lumina Z34 was Popular, Should We See it Again?

The Chevy Lumina was one of the most popular sedans for several years, and it was sold in Australia as the Z34 Coupe, giving this car some sporty power and impressive performance. If Chevy could bring back a sedan with an aggressive body kit and excellent features, the Lumina certainly seems to be a great option. Could we see this car on the roads once again? Maybe it could come back as the Monte Carlo instead of wearing the Z34 badge.

Will we see any of these Chevrolet models make a return to the market? Probably not, but it’s fun to think about the possibilities.

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