What Can You Use the Argo Sherp For?

The Argo Sherp is the brainchild of Canadian manufacturer, Sherp and more versatile ATV maker, Argo. These two well-respected and powerful brands have come together to build a unique off-roading vehicle known as the Argo Sherp. In the simplest terms, The Argo Sherp is a sort of ATV on steroids. The Sherp features a unique rugged construction with an enclosed cab and massive 71” inch tubeless tires. These tires feature ultra-low pressure, allowing this nearly 3,000 lb vehicle to traverse even the toughest, rockiest, and soggiest terrain.

What Can an Argo Sherp Do?

The unique design of the Argo Sherp along with its incredible performance has allowed this off-roading beast to be a popular play toy amongst the likes of Kanye West and Jay Leno. But unless you’re filthy rich looking to spend your money or live in one of the most desolate or rugged terrains around, chances are you might not need this powerhouse vehicle.

If you want to explore the beaten path and traverse uncharted territory, then the Sherp can serve you. This massive beast measures 11 ft long, 8.5 ft wide, and 8.2 ft tall and has a low center of gravity allowing you to stay grounded. The massive low-pressure tires feature paddle shape tread. This tread allows the Sherp to explore low-lying bodies of water, making this the ideal amphibious vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts.

It’s not just flat land that the Sherp can traverse. This tough-built vehicle can function in temperature ranges of -40 to 104 degrees. Whether you’re in the Arctic, or in the Sahara, a Sherp is a vehicle you can depend on.

Discover the Power of an Argo Sherp

Under the hood, You’ll find engines from Kubota and Doosan. Sherp models also use a 5-gear transmission which can operate on both front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

What’s unique about the Argo Sherp is that exploration is not limited to just flat land. Argo Sherps have the capacity to venture up slopes that are at a 40-degree angle and can push forward at a tilt of up to 30 degrees. If you’ve got an obstacle coming your way, the Sherp trudges over roadblocks 3 ft with undeniable ease.

Comfort and Versatility

So what’s it like sitting inside of an Argo Sherp? These enclosed cabs can comfortably seat up to 10 passengers. However, different models will offer different seating capacities as well. The latest lineup of the Argo Sherp includes the Argo Sherp Pro, the Sherp Pro XT, the Sherp Ark XTX, and the Sherp ArK XTZ. Sherp models also come in both van and truck configurations and this will impact carrying capacity as well. The total payload capacity of a Sharp is 2,625 lbs and there are also trailers available that can attach to your Sherp if you need more cargo space.

Is an Argo Sherp Right For You?

If you live in a mountainous region and need a vehicle for exploring, or have to lug around gear and supplies through rough terrain, then you might want to look into what an Argo sharp has to offer. For the majority of drivers, however, these massive tank-style vehicles are little more than you might bargain for. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check out these impressive vehicles and explore all that they have to offer.

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