What To Expect From the Ford 2023 Lineup & When Can You Start Ordering

Your local Ford dealer is going to have some exciting things coming soon. Ford enthusiasts around the globe are patiently waiting for the release of the Ford 2023 lineup. While every year brings new models and exciting updates, 2023 is going to be a landmark time for the Ford Motor Company.

A New Division

Thanks to the success of electric vehicle models like the Mustang Mach-e and F-150 Lightning, Ford announced the creation of a new division that deals solely with electric vehicles. Ford Model E (EVs) will work alongside Ford Blue (gas engines) and Ford Pro (commercial vehicles).

Along with updating and improving Ford’s current electric vehicles, Ford is also set to release some new EVs for 2023 and 2024. One of the most highly-anticipated models is an electric version of the Ford Puma SUV, the most popular selling Ford car in Europe.

The Ford Ecosport is going to be discontinued to make way for other EVs, like an unnamed sport crossover EV that Ford has been hinting at for a while. The popular Ford Edge will also see its last production cycle during the 2023 model year.


Speaking of new Ford SUVs, there’s a great deal of enthusiasm for the all-new Ford Everest. There’s not a ton of information about this new ride just yet, but the already released teasers are enough to get you going. This rig is going to take design elements from the Ford Maverick and F-150 with some unique elements to make it stand out. The only question is if Ford will bring this seven-seater to Ford dealer locations in North America, as it’s a huge hit overseas.

Updates To Our Favorite Fords

There have been some sightings of the newly designed Ford Escape that reveal a number of exciting changing. There’s a light bar that runs across the top of the grille and connects to the headlights for a fresh look. It also has an overall tough look that reminds drivers of the recently rereleased Ford Bronco. You’ll be able to find the Escape in gas, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid options.

The F-150 will also see some exciting updates. The new Rattler package is already stirring up some chatter. This bold new package adds skid plates, hill descent control, off-road shock absorbers, an electronic rear locking differential, all-terrain tires, and more.

When Can You Order The Newest Fords?

Unfortunately, the exact dates for every new vehicle in the Ford lineup or upgrade aren’t known just yet. In general, new releases are available in the fall before their model year. That means you should start seeing new models at your local Ford dealer.

We do know that the Rattler upgrade package should be ready to order in August, while the 2023 F-150 will be ready for order by the end of the summer. August is also when the new Mustang Mach-E will be ready for orders. If you’re looking for the newest Ford Maverick, sources suggest August 16th will be the magic date.

If you’re itching for a specific model or style, make sure to stop by your local Ford dealer to learn more about what’s coming and when it will be available.

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