The RT1 Has Arrived, and Here’s What We Think

The first fully-electric truck has finally hit the road. While you might be thinking of vehicles like the Ford F-150 Lightning or Chevy Silverado EV, it’s actually the 2022 Rivian RT1. If you haven’t seen any Rivian used trucks for sale at your local dealership, that’s because this company is a startup based in California. You may not know the name right now, but you will.

What To Expect With the RT1

The RT1 is in its first model year, and it’s already turning heads. It comes with a standard AWD drivetrain, with each wheel getting its own electric motor. Its 128.9-kWh battery is able to produce up to 835 horsepower and achieve 60 miles per hour in just 3.3 seconds from a standstill. You can even tow up to 11,000 pounds and can enjoy up to 314 miles of electric range under standard driving conditions.

Off-roaders are excited about the RT1’s adjustable air suspension that allow them to change the height of their truck from eight to 14 inches. There’s also a unique feature that you won’t find on any used trucks for sale any time soon: Tank Turn. Tank Turn allows the left wheels to spin in the opposite direction as the right wheels, allowing the truck to spin on its axis for exceptionally sharp maneuvering.

To make sure this impressive truck can impress others, the RT1 is loaded with leather materials, wood accents, and huge digital displays for the infotainment center and gauge cluster. In front of the bed, there is a large storage compartment offering a total of 12 cubic feet of lockable storage. The 16-inch infotainment screen is easy to use and fully customizable. Throw in a standard suite of driver-assist features, and you have a truck that is trying to make a statement.

Tested and Approved


Now that the RT1 is out on the road, it’s easier to get an idea of what real drivers have to say about it. One of the first things that drew attention is how one pedal is enough to drive. Unlike a gas motor that needs a brake to slow down in most cases, this electric truck doesn’t require braking. The motors respond to your pedal push, allowing you to speed up and slow down with a single foot. Of course, there is a brake to use as needed.

To say that this truck is fast is an understatement. Throw in a stable and comfortable ride. It’s not until you hit the dirt roads that you start to feel the weight of this truck impact the drive. Even then, it’s easily maneuvered and handled.

The real question is what kind of range this truck actually delivers. The EPA rating is 314 miles. When this truck is loaded with highway tires and put into real conditions, it falls short. With a fully loaded hitched-up and in tow, the RT1 was good for about 100 miles, give or take.

What To Consider Moving Forward

Rivian is a new name in the auto industry. While it has done something other manufacturers could only dream of with the first EV truck, it’s hard to say how this pickup will perform over time. Nonetheless, it’s still an exciting launch that everyone is watching.

If you’re not quite sure about getting behind the wheel of Rivian’s RT1, there’s nothing wrong with waiting it out to see how it does. Until then, there are plenty of used trucks for sale that can easily take on your chore list.

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