The 2023 Nissan Ariya Brings Several Models for You

Isn’t the new 2023 Nissan Ariya simply an all-electric SUV? Yes, it is, but there’s much more to this vehicle than what it happens to be.

When it launches, four models are available through current online reservation programs. These four require a $500 deposit to hold your place in line. Once the Ariya goes on sale, five additional versions will become part of the mix. This gives you up to nine different possible configurations for this new Nissan electric SUV. That’s an incredible number of options that could make driving more enjoyable for you every day.

This New SUV Will be Zippy and Fun

By their nature, EVs are more fun to drive than most gasoline models. Unless you get your pleasure from the sounds and smells of fuel, you’ll love the quickness and immediacy of the acceleration offered in an EV. The Ariya arrives with a pair of electric motors and all-wheel drive to give you the speed and quickness you want when you head out on the road. You’ll see the e-pedal setup for this SUV. This system is similar to the one found in the Leaf, making it easy to drive by using only the accelerator.

What Does it Mean to Have this Nissan Electric SUV?

Nissan leads the way in safety technology and has the most popular EV in the market right now, the Nissan Leaf. Adding the new Nissan Ariya to the lineup allows us to have an electric SUV that delivers the advanced safety we want and the Nissan’s mastery of electric driving technology. For some models, AWD is optional, which will make some drivers happy. Most likely, this option is what we find in the five versions offered closer to the sale date for this EV.

A Minimalist Approach to Cabin Design

The size of this new electric SUV tells you it is a two-row, five-passenger vehicle, but that’s where similarities end to other models in the Nissan lineup. The cabin is mostly devoid of buttons to control systems, with many of the controls built into the infotainment system. The two 12.3-inch digital screens give you all the information and control you’ll need. Because of the flat floor and electric powertrain, this SUV should be much roomier than most SUVs in the same class. There’s a storage box in the center console that has a fold-out tray to make this SUV your mobile office. That could be an excellent feature for the professional that’s always on the go.

Nothing but Smooth Lines on the Ariya

Everywhere you look on the Nissan Ariya, the surfaces move to a smooth curve. There isn’t a sharp line on this SUV at all. You might think the Nissan team designed this SUV with children in mind, giving it that child-proof shape and look. Overall, the Ariya is an attractive SUV that delivers a flowing shape and an endless variety of curves and round edges to give you a futuristic look that should appeal to EV drivers everywhere.

What Features Do You Find in this Nissan EV SUV?

  • Two 12.3-inch digital touchscreens
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Nissan’s “Zero Gravity” seats
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Nissan Safety Shield 360
    • Automatic emergency braking
    • Pedestrian detection
    • Automatic rear braking
    • Lane-departure warning
    • Blind-spot monitoring
    • Rear cross-traffic alerts
    • Automatic high beams

The Ariya Premiere+ offered exclusively through online ordering, comes with 19-inch alloy wheels, special aero wheel covers, illuminated kick plates, and special badging. ProPILOT Assist 2.0 is available for nearly every model of the Ariya, giving you the hands-off highway driving experience you desire.

What Makes this Electric SUV Special?

An EVgo membership was offered to the first 10,000 reservations made for this new electric SUV. This is a 2-year free membership that includes $500 in charging credits. That amount represents nearly 5,000 free miles of driving in the Ariya Venture+ model. There’s also the electric AWD system which is impressively advanced. This system is the electric version of what we see in the Nissan GT-R supercar, which uses a torque-split system to give you the power you need to the wheels that require it during your drive.

How Much Power Does the Nissan Ariya Offer?

Looking at the reservation-required models, we see an 87-kWh battery mated to either a single or dual AC synchronous motor setup. For the Venture+ FWD model, this means you have 238 horsepower and 221 lb.-ft. of torque. The driving range for this SUV is 300 miles on a full charge.

Move up to the Evolve+ or Premiere+ FWD models, and you’ll have the same power and layout as the Venture+ model but only 285 miles of driving range. The Platinum+ e4orce AWD version has a dual-motor system that delivers 389 horsepower and 442 lb.-ft. of torque. This version also returns 265 miles of driving on a full charge.

The range and power of the five non-reservation models aren’t yet known, but we know they will use a smaller 63-kWh battery pack.

How Much Does the Ariya Cost?

The reserve models for the Nissan Ariya begin at $45,950 for the Venture+ model. The Evolve+ requires you to spend $48,950, while the Premiere+ costs $53,450. Move to the Platinum+, and you’re looking at a price of $58,950. The models that will show up in the fall begin at around $40,000 to give you a bit of a more affordable group of SUVs.

Will This be the EV SUV for You?

If you’re considering driving an electric SUV in the near future, the Nissan Ariya is an excellent choice. This model can be the ideal vehicle for you to have the experience you want during any drive. You can either put your reservation money in the mix and wait in line for one of the four top models or wait and see what the other five trims bring. With nine different ways to have this SUV, it’s easy to see how it could be the electric SUV that has something for everyone.

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