2022 Lucid Air: Incredible Electric Luxury Driving

The Lucid Air is quickly becoming one of the most popular luxury electric sedans in the automotive market.

It might be many years before this brand has the same level of production as some of the names we know, including Tesla, but the Air is an excellent first model for this new EV company. Because this car is developed from the ground up, you’ll find a spacious cabin and a large rear hatch area giving you plenty of cargo room when you want to take this car for a weekend away from home.

What Makes this Car an Easy Drive?

It might be the first effort from the team at Lucid, but this amazing electric sedan is quick, quiet, and refined. You’ll find three basic drive modes called Smooth, Swift, and Sprint to give you the feeling you want when you’re out on the road. The Smooth mode works to bring you into traffic every day, while the other two models give you more performance and fun for your drive. The Dream Edition Performance model of this vehicle brings you a time to reach sixty mph of 2.5 seconds, giving you acceleration that could shove you into your seat.

Qualities You’ll Admire About this Car

The Lucid Air gives you a design that’s unlike any other car in the market right now. This distinctive design is fantastic and will turn heads wherever you go. The maximum driving range is 520 miles, which is incredible in the electric vehicle world. As mentioned, you can hit sixty mph in 2.5 seconds, and you can add AWD to the mix so that you can have power at all four wheels. Currently, this car comes as a limited model and is only offered in a handful of states in the country.

Admire the High-End Luxury Cabin of a Car Called Air

If you want a car that doesn’t mind trapping you with luxury amenities, this Lucid model is the one you want to drive. You’ll see an advanced glass cockpit approach that offers you the displays and a touchscreen augmented by controls for other systems in the car. There are some redundant controls for the audio, infotainment, and cruise control, giving you the controls you want to enjoy. From a comfort aspect, this is a car that feels open and airy, giving you seats clad in luxurious leather or vegan-based upholstery.

Now You Understand the Style

The sensual sedan with smooth curves and lines was a mystery for this new Lucid sedan until now. The car is designed by Derek Jenkins, a former Mazda designer. While he did not take all style elements from his former company, you can see how the lines flow and the amazing style offered in this sedan. Admire the Led headlights and daytime running lights that give you the visibility and look you want when you’re ready for a drive. The profile offers a rounded, softly curved look that flows perfectly from the front to the rear of this impressive electric luxury car.

What Features do You Find in the Lucid Air?

Pure Trim

  • 19-inch wheels
  • PureLuxe upholstery
  • Touchscreen infotainment system
  • Alexa assistant
  • Navigation system
  • Three years of free charging at Electrify America locations

Touring Trim

  • 20-inch wheels
  • Glass canopy
  • Nappa leather upholstery
  • Navigation system

Grand Touring Trim

  • 21-speaker premium audio system
  • 21-inch wheels
  • Dream Drive Pro suite of safety features
  • Hands-free drive mode

Dream Trim

  • AWD
  • Most powerful model

There are a Few Upgraded Items You’ll Want to Add

Lower trims of the Lucid Air are eligible for the wheels that are a step up from their respective trim level. This means you could have a base model with 21-inch wheels if you want. Another item you can enjoy in this sedan is the 21-speaker premium audio system. Other options for the lower trims include the upgraded eating materials and the Dream Drive Pro package of safety features. These optional items make the drive better for you and give you ways to upgrade this electric luxury sedan when you don’t want to move to a more powerful trim than the one you’re ready to take home.

What Does the Dream Drive Pro Package Offer?

Similar to many other brands in the market, Lucid gives you a package of safety features and alerts for this sedan. Select the Dream Drive Pro package for your Air sedan, and you’ll have 32 sensors, including a camera, radar, ultrasonic system, and hi-rest Lidar. This package of cameras and sensors gives you the most advanced versions of lane-keeping assist, advanced cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and parking technology for the drive.

Check Out the Glass Cockpit of this Luxury Sedan

The screen array you see in front of you when you drive the Lucid Air gives you a high-quality display. This glass cockpit display is a floating 34-inch screen that brings you the instrument cluster and the infotainment system together. An additional screen is visible at the head of the center console giving you one more screen for the information needed.

What are the Power Levels of the Lucid Air

There are five power combinations that allow you to have the drive you want and the electric drive you enjoy every day. You’ll either have a single motor or two of them to power the wheels for your drive. These power systems are:

    • Pure Trim – Single electric motor, 480 horsepower, 406-mile range
    • Touring Trim – Dual electric motors, 620 horsepower, 406-mile range
    • Grand Touring – Dual electric motors, 800 horsepower, 516-mile range
    • Dream Range Edition – Dual electric motors, 933 horsepower, 520-mile range
    • Dream Performance Edition – Dual electric motors, 1,111 horsepower, 471-mile range

Will You Drive this New Electric Car?

If you’re looking for a luxury sedan that only uses electric power for your drive, this new sedan could be the car you want to enjoy. The Lucid Air is offered in only a few places right now, but if this car catches on, it’s going to be a serious challenger for the hold Tesla has on the EV market right now.

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