The Most Popular Used Cars Sold in Texas

Do you know what the most popular used cars in Texas are? You might think the list should be filled with trucks, but that’s not the case.

That thought is somewhat stereotypical of what we expect from the Lone Star State, but the actual list will give you a hint and what drivers in this state prefer. You also might think the top-selling used model is the same as the most popular new vehicle in the market, but that might surprise you as well. Let’s take a look at the most popular used vehicles sold in Texas and the most popular models sold across the country from 2018.

10. Texas –Nissan Sentra; Nationally –Chevrolet Malibu

The Nissan Sentra is an impressive and sporty compact sedan that delivers an impressive drive and quality features. The Chevrolet Malibu is a little larger, occupying the midsize sedan segment. The Sentra is a reliable car that makes driving around town much easier for most owners. This is a car that offers an easy drive and plenty of reliability across all trims, giving owners an affordable and easy vehicle to drive every day.

9. Both –Ford Fusion

You might not expect to see the same model on the list of used cars sold in Texas at the same position as the models sold around the country. The Ford Fusion is an impressive midsize sedan that’s no longer made but offers good driving characteristics for drivers to enjoy. Maybe Ford should have kept this sedan going, but if you’re looking for a used sedan to drive, you can find plenty of versions of the Fusion, which can give you the driving qualities and roominess you need for a great drive.

8. Texas –Ford Focus; Nationally –Ford F-150

Another pair of Ford models fit in the eighth spot on the list, but these two couldn’t come from any different positions in the market. The Focus is one of the smallest sedans and hatchbacks ever built to give you an easy way to dart around town. The F-150 is the most popular new truck sold in the country, and it has been for more than forty years. Texas has the Fusion in the eighth spot, making it an odd entry for a state that’s as large and spacious as this one.

7. Texas –Honda Civic; Nationally –Chevrolet Silverado

Another pair of vehicles ranked among the used cars gives us the Civic sold in Texas as the seventh most popular model while the Silverado sits in this spot nationally. The Honda Civic is a compact sedan, and it’s the third one for this list that is part of the top ten models sold in Texas. Are we going to see larger vehicles as we get closer to the top? Maybe.

6. Texas –Honda Accord; Nationally –Hyundai Sonata

Continuing with the sedans being sold in Texas as some of the most popular models, the Honda Accord is in the sixth spot. Another midsize sedan sits in this spot nationally, with the Hyundai Sonata being one of the most impressive vehicles in this class. Whether you want to enjoy the reliability and sporty driving characteristics of the Accord or you admire the full packaging of the Sonata; these two cars can be easy to drive and enjoy.

5. Texas –Toyota Corolla; Nationally –Honda Civic

It seems a shift happens in this spot, with the most popular used models sold nationally moving more toward smaller vehicles. The used cars sold fifth-most in Texas was the Toyota Corolla. This sounds about right considering how popular this car has been through the years. Although the two models aren’t from the same brand, the Corolla and Civic share a class as compact cars from Japanese brands. Which one of these two is the car you would choose to drive?

4. Texas –Chevrolet Silverado; Nationally –Toyota Corolla

The fourth spot in the rankings gives us another pair of vehicles that couldn’t be more different from each other. Texas has the Chevrolet Silverado in this position, while the Toyota Corolla ranks in this spot nationally. Both cars offer several trims and packages that make sense for you to have the drive you want. Whether you need the large pulling power of the Silverado or the small and mild-mannered drive of the Toyota Corolla, you’ll have the experience you want to enjoy.

3. Texas –Nissan Altima; Nationally –Honda Accord

Once again, we see two vehicles from the same class in the rankings. The Altima and Accord are both cars that offer sporty driving dynamics, impressive packaging, and efficient powertrains. If you’re looking for the right used cars to buy in Texas, the Nissan Altima could be among the vehicles you want to take home with you. Of course, if you’re not in Texas, the Honda Accord might be among the top three vehicles you want to enjoy when its time to take a drive.

2. Texas –Ford F-150; Nationally –Nissan Altima

It’s about time the Texas list gave us the Ford F-150. The only real surprise with this part of the list is that the F-150 isn’t the vehicle at the top of the heap. Nationally, the Nisan Altima sits in the runner-up position to be a car that gives you the drive and price you want. The Ford truck is made to handle every job and make your life a lot easier every day.

The Top Spot –Toyota Camry for Both

In 2018, the Toyota Camry was the most popular of the used cars sold in Texas and across the country. This car has been one of the most popular vehicles sold in the market for many years. Many families turn to the Camry to have the driving pleasure desired and the quality features offered. This Toyota is reliable, easy to drive, and is offered with plenty of room for a family of five. It’s not a big surprise the Camry tops the list, but it could be if you adhere to some of the stereotypes we hear about the Lone Star State.

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