Hyundai is Making Droids Now, This Isn’t Sci-Fi Fan Fiction

It used to be that technology like droids only existed in a galaxy far, far away. The universe is getting a lot smaller, and your Hyundai dealer is about to show off some serious innovations. Expect to see some amazing announcements at the CES 2022 summit, where Hyundai plans to reveal the future of robotics.

Say Hello To The MobED

Hyundai just announced that it is building a brand-new robot called the Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED). This fresh tech uses cutting-edge robotics and an all-new mobility platform. The MobED has a flat, rectangular body that rides on four large wheels. Thanks to its independent suspension, it can keep an optimal body posture on nearly any terrain. That means this droid can navigate through complex environments with uneven roads, bumps, and more.

Each wheel of the MobED is equipped with three motors to help provide precise steering and to control the body’s posture. Hyundai also developed a new “Eccentric Wheel” drive and updated steering/braking systems and altitude control.

Since each wheel has its own power and steering control abilities, the ModED can move in any direction at any time. This kind of mobility is especially helpful in narrow situations. The wheels can also adjust their height to help keep the body level and in the optimum position.

MobED Specs

It might be hard to imagine a robot-like—the MobED. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get to see it in action until CESS in January 2022. This unit will be on display at the Hyundai booth.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are the MobED’s specs as we know them:

  • Length: 67 cm (26.4 inches)
  • Width: 60 cm (23.6 inches)
  • Weight: 50 kg (110.2 pounds)
  • Wheelbase extension: 45 cm to 65 cm (17.7 inches to 25.6 inches)
  • Max speed: 30 km/h (18.6 mph)
  • Battery life: ~ four hours
  • Battery size: 2 kWh

What Will The ModED Actually Do?

While this new droid may be the most exciting thing your local Hyundai dealer may offer in the future, you’re probably wondering exactly what this thing can do. The MobED was designed for versatility, which means it has almost endless potential. The wheel’s adjustability combined with a compact body size makes it the perfect base for tons of applications, depending on what is mounted to the base.

Hyundai expects MobED to be a solution for deliveries and camera movement. It will be used both indoors and outdoors. This droid has special potential as a mobility device for the elderly or the disabled. You may even see applications where it’s used as a stroller or leisure vehicle.

Keep An Eye On Your Local Hyundai Dealer

The MobED may be a few years from being available for purchase and use, but it symbolizes Hyundai’s imagination and ingenuity. Your local Hyundai dealer may not have any droids for sale, but you can find tons of updated and innovative technology on all of your favorite Hyundai vehicles. Keep your eye on Hyundai; it’s going places and taking us with it.

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