BMW’s iDrive Technology Takes Smart Cars to a Whole New Level

There’s a lot you might not know about the BMW iDrive technology and how it’s been used throughout the past two decades.

This system was first introduced in the 2002 7-Series, which was the flagship sedan at the time. As a fledgling technology, there were several bugs to be worked out before this system could be relied upon to be one that we could use and enjoy in the vehicles we drive from this brand. Most recently, the latest version of this technology was put on display at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show to give us a look at the next generation of this system.

A New Age is Upon Us and This System is Key

The interaction between the driver and a vehicle is an important one that automakers are working to improve and transform with more digital automation than before. With this in mind, we expect to see the new iDrive system to have a much more intuitive approach to your driving experience. For now, we don’t expect to have this system take over the driving of a car, but you might not have to reach for screens or buttons to make adjustments to your environment while on the road.

We Will See this New System Very Soon

The latest versions of the BMW iDrive system will be included in the upcoming iX and i4 that will be on sale in the first half of 2022. This new system builds on the Operating System 7 software that was launched in 2018. This new system will bridge the gap between analog and digital technology to make your driving experiences more automated than ever before. It will take some getting used to, but this new feature will feel like it’s smarter than you when you’re driving.

Learning is Always an Upward Curve

The learning curve of what functions of a vehicle is capable of doing without human inputs is an upward one. Technology has already taken over many of the functions we used to need to manage and perform but adding more will continue to digitize the experience in a BMW equipped with this new system. The addition of sensors and cameras allows a car to read the surroundings and adjust, as necessary. Some of the functions that will be part of this system will be automating the parking function and some highway driving actions.

Riding With a Cloud-Based System

By connecting the iDrive system to a cloud-based pool of data, BMW allows this system to learn, grow, and develop in real-time rather than being outdated every few months. The iDrive system will be upgraded via over-the-air updates with regular software improvements and more access to the data that can be used to upgrade the system and allow you to have more confidence in the automation that’s included in the technology.

BMW Vehicles Will Talk to Each Other

One of the greatest benefits of this newly upgraded technology is that various BMW vehicles will be capable of communicating with each other. This means your iX could receive hazard warnings from a nearby BMW i4 during your drive. This could allow you to alter your route, predict changes you need to make, and have a much smoother drive. This system can also send information from car to car regarding the predicted availability of parking spaces at your destination, which could make finding a spot much easier for you.

Think of iDrive as a fully-connected BMW. You’ll see amazing displays, an impressive operating system, and the intelligently connected functions that you want and need when you drive. With this new system, the mobility experience of your BMW can be safer, more comfortable, and convenient to give you the personalized experience you need when out on the road.

How Will iDrive be Presented to You

The latest operating system and function of this new product will show up in an impressive display that takes up most of your dashboard. This display is called the BMW Curved Display, and it’s comprised of two screens. One screen is a 12.3-inch information screen, while the other is a 14.9-inch control display. These two are placed together to appear like one single curved display screen giving you a nearly floating appearance when you’re behind the wheel.

If You Find the Information Vague…

You might have clicked on this article to try and learn more about the new BMW iDrive Technology, and so far, you haven’t learned much more than it’s going to be better and more impressive. It sounds like a sales pitch or a politician trying to get your vote. The fact is, BMW is not sharing many of the details about the technology stack and exactly what information you’ll find when you have this system.

What they have shared is the fact that it will process 20 to 30 times more data than the outgoing system. That’s an incredible leap in the data processing, which could change the way you drive and what you do when you’re behind the wheel. As a driver, you’ll be able to choose between different layouts, features, and appearances that will make you comfortable with the system and what it brings to your drive. There are several modes that show you selectable information during your drive. Some of these modes are called focus, dynamic driving situations, and a gallery layout.

Get Ready to be Amazed

What do we know about the new BMW iDrive technology? We know it’s going to be presented on pair of curved screens, we know it’s much faster than the outgoing system, and we know that it’s going to use cloud-based data to give you the information you want during your time behind the wheel. We also know that this new system will be presented in the upcoming BMW iX and i4 models to give us the place where this system will begin. Will you be one of the drivers that uses and enjoys the upgrades that come with the new iDrive technology?

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