The Most Popular Tractor Equipment and Accessories

Determining what kinds of used tractor equipment and accessories you need to add to your shed or garage doesn’t have to be a mystery. Take a look at what types of jobs you need to complete and go from there.

Someone who is looking to keep their property properly mowed may need different used tractor equipment than someone who needs a tractor’s strength to lift and move debris.

While owning new equipment is certainly an admirable goal, you can often find quality tractor accessories for a fraction of the price when you search for used options.

To help spark your creativity for current and future projects, here are some of the most popular used tractor equipment and accessories you may need.

Tractor Loader

A tractor loader helps you unlock the full capability of what your tractor can really do. You can add a bucket to haul or scoop materials, a pallet fork to create something of a forklift, and a debris grapple to build and move refuse.

Grooming Mower or Rotary Cutter

Mowing accessories are some of the most popular used accessories on the market. Determining which attachment is the first step. They are not interchangeable, so you might need one, the other, or both.

The way to know the difference is pretty straightforward. A grooming mower is used to cut grass that you wish to enjoy or admire. A rotary cutter is better for rough areas along road edges, pastures, and so on.

Rear Blade

If you anticipate digging ditches, removing snow, returning gravel to your driveway, or grading areas of your property, a rear blade is a must. If snow is your primary goal, it might also be worth looking into a tractor-mounted snowblower.

Post Hole Digger

Many people who have large pieces of property decide to add a fence. A post-hole digger makes adding those fence posts a breeze. This piece of equipment can also be a critical element for building pole barns, decks, and more. You can even use it to help plant trees.


If you’re looking for a multi-use tool, a spreader might be the perfect option for you. A spreader helps move and spread things like salt, seed, and more. That means you can use it across multiple seasons.

Rotary Tiller

Whether you’re planting a small vegetable garden or have a larger crop to create, a rotary tiller should be on your wish list. This piece of used tractor equipment helps prepare the soil. Throw your shovel or small tiller back in the shed because your tractor tiller will make short work of this massive job.

Pallet Fork

A pallet fork is one of the more versatile tools out there. You can load or stack pallets and easily move them around the property.

These are just some of the available pieces of used tractor equipment on the market. If you need more inspiration, stop by your local lawn equipment store and explore options. You’ll be surprised at what new life you can find for your tractor, even if that means adding to your chore list.

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