Give Your Budget a Break with the Chevrolet Trax

While you and the kids were working from home with the rest of the world, you might have started thinking about your car situation. The Chevrolet Trax subcompact SUV could be the ideal solution.

  • Do we really need two cars to get everyone where they need to be?
  • How much can we save on auto insurance switching to one vehicle?
  • Is there an SUV that’s big enough for my family but economical enough for everyday driving?

If you’re ready to simplify your life by downsizing the number of cars in your driveway, a Chevrolet Trax is a great alternative to having a separate car and large SUV.

Why a Chevy Trax?

The Trax hits the sweet spot of economical daily driver and versatile utility vehicle. It’s nimble enough to zip around the city and slip into tight parking spaces. And its spacious passenger cabin is roomy enough to stretch out with plenty of amenities to keep everyone entertained and comfortable on long drives.

Compared to many other compact SUVs in its class, it will save you at the gas pump. And the Chevy Trax can lower your auto insurance bill, too.

Cargo Space You Will Actually Use

Look at it this way: that giant SUV may have a million cubic feet of cargo space, but unless you haul big items more than once a week, you’re paying a lot of money for air. And just because you’re not piloting a land yacht doesn’t mean the Chevrolet Trax can’t handle the monthly trip to the big box warehouse store or your family’s camping trip.

There’s plenty of room behind the back seats to stash your everyday needs. And with the split-fold rear seats and folding front seat, you have eight different configurations for accommodating passengers and cargo of all sizes.

The Trax tows over 1,200 pounds, which is enough to pull a small trailer with your outdoor gear or that antique sofa you found at the flea market.

Don’t Be Grounded by Skyrocketing Gas Prices

It was bound to happen. As soon as people started going back to the office and traveling more by car, gas prices shot up. Which is yet another great reason to switch to this subcompact Chevy SUV. The Trax gets a combined 27 MPG and up to 32 MPG on the highway, making it an economical choice for your daily commute.

With its 1.4L engine that cranks out 155 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque, the front-wheel drive Trax makes merging onto the freeway look easy.

The Go-Anywhere and Get-It-All-Done SUV

This Chevy SUV is the perfect size for hustling around the city and getting away on a weekend trip. And its large suite of standard and available safety technology has earned the Trax a five-star NHTSA safety rating. Not only does that give you peace of mind when you’re traveling, but you’ll love it when it’s time to negotiate your auto insurance premium.

So, if you like getting a ton of value for your hard-earned money—and who doesn’t?—you’ll want to put a Chevrolet Trax on your test drive list.

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