Get a Tax Deduction for a Car Donation to Make a Difference

Do you want to help others? Are you tired of looking at that old car in your driveway? You can do both and receive a tax deduction for a car donation. If you want to see your old car make the greatest difference in the lives of others, you’ll want to donate it to a place that can use it in many ways.

What is Your Old Car Worth?

While you might not be terribly concerned with how much you could get if you sold your old car because you’re going to donate it, you should understand its value to the organization you give it to. This value can make a difference in the value of your tax deduction. If the organization will use your old car as a car, it’s much more valuable than if it’s only being used for its scrap value.

Avoid a Place that Won’t Use it as a Car

If you want to see your old car used right and enjoy the greatest value for the tax deduction you receive for a car donation, you’ll want to avoid giving it to a location that doesn’t want to use it as transportation. If the organization is only going to scrap it and allow the vehicle to be destroyed and used for the materials it contains, you may want to go somewhere else.

Choose the Newgate School for Your Old Car

The staff and students of the Newgate School know how to get the most out of your old car and can offer you the highest value for your tax deduction certificate. Even if your old car doesn’t work any longer, they will take it off your hands and use it as a car before sending it away to be scrapped. This school has three ways they make use of old cars.

Cars Used as Training Tools

The students at the Newgate School are being trained to become automotive technicians. Any car in any condition can be donated to this school and it will be useful in some way. You’ll receive a tax deduction certificate for a car donation and this team will have a vehicle they can work on. The instructors work to help students learn everything they can about the vehicles that are donated.

Donated Cars are Donated Once Again

Imagine that you’re a single mother and your car breaks down. If you don’t have the money to fix your car you might be stuck riding on public transportation and arranging rides for your children. Some of the cars that are donated and inspected by the students at the Newgate School help to solve this problem.
Cars that are donated to the school that are in good condition and only need maintenance and minor repairs are then donated to the Wheels for Women program. This program offers single mothers the freedom they desire to with a vehicle they can trust. You might see your old car on the roads in your area with a young family behind the wheel. This is a great way for your car donation to be used.

Car Donations Support the Newgate School

The Newgate School is self-sustaining and offers its training programs free of charge to all students that attend. This allows low-income adults to learn how to fix and repair vehicles before heading out to their new careers in the automotive world. When you receive a tax deduction for a car donation you’ll enjoy the benefits of a reduced tax bill, but your old car will help this school continue to operate.
How do these donated cars support the school? Every so often, the Newgate School will hold an auction and sell some of the cars that have been repaired and are ready to drive. The money from these sales is put into the funds for the school and allows the students to continue to attend this school without having to pay anything at all. The professionals you see at various auto repair centers could have been students at the Newgate School in the past.

Bring Your Old Car and Let this Team Help You

The Newgate School is a worthy organization for you to receive a tax deduction for car donation. The staff has been trained to handle the title work which makes your donation easy. Bring your old car and the title and this school will take your vehicle and let it live a little longer. Make the biggest difference with your donation to this school today.

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