The Carnival Comes to the U. S. Through Kia

The last year for the Kia Sedona just might be 2021. A new VIN decoder document confirms the Kia minivan will change to the Carnival for 2022.

We’ve already seen one of the names in the Kia lineup change from the Optima to the K5 and now the name changing continues with the minivan from this brand. Will you be ready to drive the new Kia Carnival later this year?

Is the Carnival Name New?

The Carnival name from Kia is only new in the North American market. This name has been used for more than two decades in other markets around the world. Now, we’ll see this van make its way to our shores and give us a new version of the people mover that we love to drive. This new van should give us more of what we want when it’s time to take the family for a drive.

The Right Powertrain for the Kia Carnival

When the new Carnival begins to show off its wares, we will see an excellent powertrain as the driving force. This powertrain is made of a 3.5-liter V6 engine that offers 290 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. of torque. These numbers put the Carnival at the top of the power list for minivans, which could be important for your drive with the entire family.

Four Trims Will be Offered

The Carnival will be offered with four trims that we’ve seen before from Kia. These trims are LX, EX, SX, and SX Prestige. The LX does have a unique seating option which we don’t have right now and the SX Prestige model can be had with full-recline second-row seats that give your middle passengers the comfort they want to enjoy. This could be the perfect trim if you don’t have to take more than four people around most of the time.

Will the Kia Carnival Take Over the Market?

Many of the minivans we see are taking steps to get better. The Toyota Sienna has added a hybrid version, the Chrysler Pacifica now has AWD, and the Honda Odyssey is improved and continues to be the most popular minivan in the market. With a focus on a new name, more power, and better comfort at the top trim level, will the Carnival become the top minivan in the next few years?

We’ll Learn More Soon

While we don’t know much more than what the VIN decoder could tell us about the new Kia Carnival, we will learn much more as we get closer to the release date of this impressive new vehicle. You can expect to see contracting interior colors in the cabin, especially at the SX Prestige trim, and a ton of great features for you to have the drive you desire. Get ready to learn more about this new Kia minivan and to say farewell to the Sedona as the name changing continues in the Kia lineup. Your new people mover is on the way and it could be the new Kia Carnival.

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