The Toyota Tacoma Receives an Upgrade

The platform of the Toyota Tacoma is one of the oldest in the midsize truck market, but that doesn’t seem to matter at all. In fact, the Tacoma has experienced massive sales growth over the past thirteen months, making it one of the most impressive trucks on the market when it comes to sales. The 2020 model year of this truck will give us more style and more features to make it a truck that’s built to handle the job with the qualities we want to see and enjoy when we drive this beauty.

More Style and a Reflective Image

As we move to the new model year of this truck, the Tacoma is going to use some of the qualities we already see in the Toyota Tundra that rides around as the larger model of the pair. Expect to see LED lighting upgrades, turn signals in the mirror caps, a deeper hood, and a gorgeous honeycomb-style pattern in the grill. You should also see items like a sliding rear window and safety sensors added to give this truck the modern upgrades that you’ll want to experience when it’s time to get behind the wheel and take a ride.

The Tacoma Continues to be an Important Truck for Toyota

Even though the Toyota Tacoma is only receiving a few upgrades for the drive that you’re looking for, it’s a truck that currently shows up at a price that’s more than some of the competitors. Pricing hasn’t turned away any buyers though. Toyota was able to sell 245,659 models in the 2018 calendar year which is more than the combined total sales of the Avalon, Prius, Sienna, and Yaris. As you can see, this total sales number makes it easy for you to see that the Tacoma resides in a specific place in the market.

The Market is Getting Crowded

The midsize truck market has grown and is becoming more crowded every year. The new Ford Ranger is heading to the dealerships and is ready to compete with the Tacoma. Even so, the Tacoma has several different ways for you to have the drive you want and enjoy an amazing ride. This truck has been ready to provide us with the power and performance on and off the road for several years and was one of the trucks that survived through the years when others left the market in the US.

A Reveal is Scheduled for this Toyota

If you want to see more about what the new Toyota Tacoma will offer, the booth at the Chicago Auto Show is scheduled to give us a livestream of the new Tacoma at 10:00 am CTS on February 9. This is when you’ll be able to enjoy what this truck offers and consider whether or not the new 2020 Toyota Tacoma will be the truck that you want to drive and experience every day. Tune into the livestream and see this new model of the Tacoma for yourself.

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