Nissan Rogue – The Compact Performer You Want

When you’re looking for an excellent compact crossover SUV to drive, the Nissan Rogue should be among the models you consider.

This SUV is one that stands out as the best-seller from the brand, offers you the power you want, excellent size for the drive, and an affordable price. There’s plenty of room in the cabin for your family to be comfortable and for you to load it up with cargo to give you the place you where you can take what you need to with you when you head out on the road.

Beating the Competition with Ease

If you stand the Nissan Rogue up against some of the competitors, it’s going to be the one that offers you more in several ways. This SUV gives you more interior volume than the Mazda CX-5, better fuel mileage than the Ford Escape, and more cargo room than the Subaru Forester. All of these leading features are found in the Rogue and not across several different models. You can also find standard driver-assist features, an available hybrid powertrain, and more of what you’re looking for in this Nissan SUV.

Bringing More to the Nissan Rogue

As you take a look at the Nissan Rogue, you’ll see there are more standard items for the drive. This SUV now has standard automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and intervention, the Rear Door Alert feature, and automatic high beams. If you choose the SV or SL models you’re going to have the added benefits of rear automatic braking and rear sonar while the ProPilot Assist is now offered as a standard item for the SL trim but an option when you choose the SV model for the Nissan Rogue you drive.

The Rogue makes it Easy to Carry Cargo

The Nissan Rogue is offered with the EZFlex Seating System which allows all of the seats, except the driver’s seat, to fold flat and make it easy for you to take the bulky cargo with you that you need to. This means you could take an eight-foot surfboard with you in the Rogue with the rear hatch completely shut. With that much open cargo room at your disposal, it’s easy to see how the Nissan Rogue can be the most versatile and easy to use SUV for you on the road.

Take a Drive in this Nissan Rogue SUV Today

With an attractive style you’ll admire and the quality features that you want to enjoy when you’re on the road, the  Nissan Rogue is the right vehicle for you. This is an SUV that has a full package of features of what you want when you’re out on the road. Stop by and see the team at your nearby Nissan dealership and let this vehicle become the one that will provide you with the driving experience you’re looking for. One test drive is all it will take to convince you this is the right vehicle for you to drive.

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