GM Files a Trademark for a New Name

Whenever an automaker chooses to trademark a name or a design, we have the opportunity to wonder what the new system or vehicle will be.

Whether the automaker chooses to protect several names to expand their lineup or a system that’s being developed to become a more active and impressive version of what we already have on the market, we get to speculate as to what the new name will be used for and how it will become part of the next generation models offered by that automaker. GM has trademarked a name for us to be ready to see in the future.

A New AWD System from GM

The trademark filing recently added will have a new name for the AWD systems used by GM. This new name is Sport Control AWD and it will be used for the AWD system, electronic stability control systems, steering systems, traction control systems, suspension system, and other items that help to control the way a vehicle performs on the road. While GM did a great job of making sure this name could be used for whichever system they choose, they have left us wondering what they have planned.

Possibly for Current Models

Right now, GM offers us at least two different AWD systems for the drive. The typical AWD system that we see on most of the models makes it easy to see how the vehicles can drive and have the added control of all wheels driving the vehicle. The Buick Enclave Avenir is a vehicle that does use a twin-clutch electronic AWD system that’s different and an upgrade from the standard AWD offered on other models. Because this is an upgraded system, it could be where we see the new Sport Control AWD being added in the future.

Added for the EV Market of GM

Is it possible that Sport Control AWD will be the name of the AWD system used in the EV models of the future from GM? This is also a potential way we will see this system used and the name added, but we still don’t know for sure. This would certainly differentiate the system from the one used in the rest of the GM products that we love to drive and enjoy every day. It’s hard to say how this new system will be different because GM has only recently filed for the trademark.

Sport Control AWD is a Great Name

There are some cool names for the AWD systems used on the market with Honda/Acura models that use the Super-Handling AWD system, or the Mitsubishi Super All-Wheel Control that we see right now. Audi has the market of cool names cornered with Quattro as the name used, but Sport Control AWD is a pretty cool name. Now, the challenge for GM is to make sure this system is as dynamic as the name suggests and what it could be for the future of our driving on the road and trails in the GM model we choose.

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