Hyundai Accent – The Ultimate Commuter Car

Whether you’re looking for a low price with excellent efficiency or a small car to take on the road, the Hyundai Accent can be the perfect car for you. If you’ve got a car you love and you want to save it for your weekend pleasure cruises, the Accent will be the affordable car that gives you more than enough reasons to enjoy the drive during the week. Let’s take a look at the Accent and what it means to have this car when you’re ready for the commute you want every day.

Upgraded items for the Accent

If you want to improve the fuel mileage of the Hyundai Accent, you’ll want to step up from the six-speed manual transmission to have the CVT that will give you the savings you’re looking for. This car now has an engine that’s smaller than before but that smaller engine only reduces the power by ten horses while improving the fuel mileage you need for your long daily commute.

Ten Reasons to Choose the Hyundai Accent

Amazing Fuel Mileage

You never know when the fuel prices are going to skyrocket, but with the Hyundai Accent, you won’t have to worry. This car makes it easy for you to afford the fuel that you’ll use in your vehicle. With a manual transmission, you’ll have 29 city/39 hwy mpg while the CVT improves this to 33 city/41 hwy mpg to give you the results you want on the road.

The Hyundai Accent has a Comfortable and Well-Designed Cabin

Even though the Accent is very affordable, it offers you the comfort you want when you take a ride. The driver’s seat adjusts six different ways and you can have a set of heated front seats when you choose the Limited trim. The controls are easy to find and use, making this car one that you can easily take for a drive as soon as you step inside.

Enjoy the User-Friendly Technology

The infotainment system of the Hyundai Accent is impressive. This system allows you to have the connectivity you want with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You’ll love the presentation of the apps you use on your smartphone which will show up on the five-inch screen in the SE trim or on a seven-inch screen when you move up from this base level. Get connected and enjoy the drive in the Accent.

Blue Link is Included

Enjoy access to a series of features through the Blue Link technology offered in the Hyundai Accent. This system gives you access to monthly reports to give you the information you need so that you can figure out when its time to have service or maintenance performed on your vehicle. This system also comes with an enhanced roadside assistance feature along with SOS emergency assistance, which you hope you never need to use.

The Hyundai Accent has Several Charging Ports

There are extra charging ports for phones and tablets in the rear of the Accent to give your passengers a great way to stay charged and ready to go. These ports are found when you choose the SEL or Limited trim levels for the drive. There’s also an MP3 auxiliary and an extra USB port in the front to add more charging capabilities in the front.

Enjoy the Style of the Accent

Just because you find an affordable ride in the Hyundai Accent, doesn’t mean it’s ugly or hard to admire. This car has a striking appearance in the chrome front grille, it gives you the sophisticated design you want and it offers you eye-catching LED headlights and taillights to offer the lighting visuals you want. The finishing touches come when you see the stylish alloy wheels offered for the Limited trim.

Excellent Cargo Room for You

Do you need a good amount of trunk space in the rear of the car you drive? If so, you’ll love the 13.7 cubic feet of trunk space in the back of the Accent. This area expands when you fold the 60/40 split-folding seat down in the rear to enjoy the pass-through area that will give you the extra cargo room that you’ll want to use in this car.

The Hyundai Accent can be Fun to Drive

You might be looking at the Hyundai Accent as a car you’ll use during your commute, but it can also be fun on the road. This car is lightweight, responsive, easy to drive, and ready to take out on the road. Toss it around on the curves and let this car become the one you’ll have some fun in when you’re not dealing with heavy traffic.

Avoid an Accident with the Right Feature

There are times when you get distracted during your drive. You need a car to help you stay out of trouble when these times take place. The Hyundai Accent offers you the benefits of automatic emergency braking in the Limited trim. This feature will slow or stop the car when a potential collision is detected and help keep you from getting into an accident.

The Best Warranty in America

Hyundai has a history of offering impressive warranties for the models they offer. The Hyundai Accent is one of the vehicles that bring you America’s Best Warranty with a five-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper coverage along with the ten-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. Let the warranty of the Accent help you have the protection and peace of mind you’re looking for when you take a drive. For the first five years, you also get 24-hour roadside assistance regardless of the miles.

Find The Accent that’s Right for You

Is it time for you to drive a small car that’s made to handle your daily commute? If so, you need to see the team at your local Hyundai dealer and let them assist you in finding the Hyundai Accent you want to take for a drive. This car can easily become the right one for you to have a great drive and enjoy the feeling you want when you’re on your way to work every day.

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