Six Ways to be Connected to the Mazda6

The Mazda team wants you to have a driving experience that will give you the fun and feeling you want when you’re behind the wheel of the Mazda6. This car is human-centric and offers you the engineering philosophy that you’re looking for. You’ll love the refined qualities, the impressive drive, and the handling that will give you the right way to experience an amazing drive in the Mazda6.
Check out these six ways the Mazda6 gives you the bond you want between the car and you as the driver:

The Mazda6 Starts with the Driver

The vehicle experience you’ll have in the Mazda6 starts with you in mind. The shape of the seat is perfect for your body, the chassis is right for the ride, and the suspension tuning makes the car work in harmony with you when you’re behind the wheel. This car is made to give you the right feeling when you’re out on the roads taking a ride and the qualities offered in this car will make that happen.

The driving position of this impressive sedan enhances the situational awareness by putting the drive in a symmetrical position to give you the feeling you want. The relaxed position enables you to have a smooth and natural control of the car. Take the Mazda6 out and enjoy the smooth ride and improved handling. You can drive for as long as you want and feel great during the time you are behind the wheel.

The Power is Right for the Ride

The Mazda6 is a midsize sedan that can be a lot of fun for you to drive when you’re out on the roads. You’ll have a smile on your face the entire time you’re behind the wheel. The power is perfect for you with the turbocharged SkyActiv-G 2.5-turbocharged four-cylinder engine. You’ll love the way this engine eliminates the turbo lag you usually find when you have a car with upgraded power.

The Mazda engineers used a butterfly valve to increase the velocity of the exhaust gasses powering the turbocharger of the Mazda6. This is the industry-first Dynamic Pressure Turbo to give you the performance and responsiveness you’re looking for. The Mazda6 gives you 310 lb.-ft. of torque at 2,000 rpm to make sure you can have the power you need when you’re ready to get behind the wheel for a drive.

The Form of the Mazda6 is Important

The function of any car is more important than its form and the way it’s built. That doesn’t mean that a car should be boring to drive. Thankfully, the Mazda6 keeps you in mind and it has the design you’re looking for with the windshield moved back and raised to give you the style you want and the look that you’re after during your time in this amazing car.

Admire the way that Mazda6 offers you the curves, lines, and shapes you’re looking for. The athletic Kodo design language makes this car the one you’ll love to enjoy. Kodo means “fluidity in motion” and it shows up in every aspect of this car. This midsize sedan is sinuously beautiful and it offers you the drive you want and the road position you’re sure to enjoy when you take it out and see what it has to offer.

Driver-Oriented Technology

All of the technology offered in the Mazda6 is oriented toward the driver with a majority of them displayed in the field of vision for the driver. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road and know that you can see what you need to when its time to enjoy the Mazda6 and what it brings you.

You’ll have either a seven or eight-inch Mazda Connect infotainment screen with the connectivity of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the Mazda Active Driving Display. This last feature displays the critical information on the windshield so that you have the stuff you want to see right in front of you. This means you have an environment that is made to give you the look and the items you want in the Mazda6. Enjoy how easy it is to drive and stay informed in this amazing car.

The Mazda6 is More Responsive than Ever

Some of the items that are part of the Mazda6 make it more impressive than ever before. The Mazda6 offers you the benefits of an exclusive technology feature that will make it the car you want to drive when you’re behind the wheel. You might not feel this feature in action but it does the job of helping you during the drive.

The feature that makes this car more responsive is the G-Vectoring Control Technology. This system allows you to have the torque delivered to the outside wheels when taking a turn to make the ride smoother, and more accurate during your drive. This system makes the car ride better and allows you to carve up the curves and the winding roads that you’ll want to enjoy when you take a drive. Get in and see how fun it is to take the Mazda6 out for a drive.

The Cabin of this Sedan is Quiet

Road noise can lead to driver fatigue and it can cause you to have a tough time driving for a long time. Thankfully, Mazda has worked hard to reduce the amount of road noise that you hear in the cabin of the Mazda6. The right amount of insulation and sound-deadening technology is being used in this car to give you the quiet cabin you’re looking for.

When you find an automaker that’s devoted to making your driving experience better when you get behind the wheel, you need to take advantage of the car that you can drive and enjoy. Everything about the Mazda6 is made to give you the pleasant feeling you want and the ride that gives you the quality ride you’re looking for. See the team at your local Mazda dealer and let them show you what the Mazda6 can be for you to drive.

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