Ten Most Commonly Stolen Vehicles in the US

Do you want to avoid having your vehicle stolen from you? If so, you’ll want to know which models are stolen the most. Check out this list of the ten most commonly stolen vehicles in the US to find out.

Knowing this and avoiding the vehicles on this list will also help to keep your insurance rates down where you want them. Of course, if you do choose to drive one of these models, you should have excellent anti-theft devices to help keep your vehicle from being taken from you.

10. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

The tenth most popular model that’s stolen is the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models.

This SUV has been popular for a long time and it happens to be the most popular SUV to be stolen. This SUV can last you a long time, regardless of which one you choose, and it can be great to drive. Unfortunately, you’ll have a higher cost of insurance because of the theft numbers.

The number of thefts for the Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee pair comes in at 9,818 models with three of them being stolen per every 1,000 driven. The most common model year stolen was 2000 with 646 stolen.

9. Dodge/Ram Pickup Trucks

The ninth place on this list belongs to the Dodge and Ram pickup trucks.

They were in the eighth spot but have moved down the list recently. These trucks are coveted by thieves and can be the vehicles used on further thefts when power is needed during the heist. The Dodge/Ram pickups that have been stolen comes in at a total of 11,226 so far with 1,155 models from the 2001 model year being stolen.

This was the most popular model year and three trucks per 1,000 on the road have been stolen.

8. GMC Pickups

Moving to the eighth model on this list, the GMC pickup trucks are stolen often.

Considered the luxury trucks on the road, thefts of GMC pickups are on the rise right now with more being swiped than ever before. Expect this name to make it’s way higher on the list in future years.

So far, 11,708 GMC pickup trucks have been stolen in the US with 1,170 models from the 2018 model year being taken. This was the most popular model year and six per 1,000 of these trucks are taken.

7. Toyota Corolla

It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the most popular vehicles in the market is also one that’s stolen the most. Many thieves aren’t that picky and will take a car that is easy to access and even easier to drive.

There have been 12,388 models of the Toyota Corolla stolen since this list was started. There are 1.9 models stolen for every 1,000 on the road with the most popular model year being the 2017 year.

There were 1,034 models of that Corolla stolen from their owners.

6. Nissan Altima

Newer model years of the Nissan Altima are the most popular amongst thieves, which allows this car to make its way to the sixth spot on this list.

If you’re trying to avoid driving a car that has a high rate of theft, you might want to avoid driving the Nissan Altima. So far, there have been 13,284 versions of the Nissan Altima stolen, which does translate to two per every 1,000 being taken.

The most popular model year for thieves is 2017 with 1,451 versions take from their owners.

5. Toyota Camry

It’s not a big surprise to find one of the most popular midsize sedans on this list, what is a surprise is that its only fifth.

With many Toyota Camry models on the road, it’s easy to see how they can be popular with those who want to take a car they down own.

The Toyota Camry has been stolen 16,906 times since this list began with the 2017 model year being the most popular version stolen at 1,144 thefts. This translates to two per every 1,000 being taken from owners.

4. Chevrolet Pickup

Another pickup truck makes its way to the list and it finds the fourth spot. The Chevrolet lineup of pickup trucks is stolen often and the numbers seem to be on the rise.

If the capability is important to thieves, they have found what they want with the Chevrolet pickup trucks.

So far, there have been 31,566 Chevrolet pickup trucks stolen with the 2004 model year being the most popular at 2,097 thefts. Five per every 1,000 of these trucks are swiped.

3. Ford Pickups

You shouldn’t be surprised to see the Ford pickup trucks on this list.

These trucks come in third and are some of the most popular vehicles in the market today. The most popular and purchased truck is also the most popular among thieves, which translates to many being taken each year.

The number of Ford pickup trucks stolen comes in at 36,355 with the 2006 model year being the most popular at 3,173. This means five per every 1,000 Ford trucks are stolen from the owners.

2. Honda Accord

The runner-up as the most popular car among thieves is the Honda Accord.

They are easy to take because the keyhole can be tripped with anything that fits inside it. This makes taking the Accord easy for thieves and lands it where it does on this list.

The Honda Accord has been stolen 36,815 times. The most popular model year to take is 1997 with 5,29 models being taken from that year.

There are four Honda Accord models stolen per 1,000 on the roads today.

1. Honda Civic

And the winner is…the Honda Civic. Actually, the Civic would be considered the loser as the most popular car for thieves to steal from owners.

Thankfully, the numbers are dropping for the Civic, but not enough to allow another model to make its way to the top/bottom spot on this list. Thieves seem to love the Honda models that are out on the roads.

So far, there have been 38,426 versions of the Honda Civic stolen which means five for every 1,000 of these cars is taken from the owner.

The most popular model year was 2000 with 5,290 models of this car taken from owners.

Final Word on the Ten Most Commonly Stolen Vehicles in the US

Surprisingly enough, the ten most commonly stolen vehicles in the US are the average cars, trucks, and SUVs we see on the road every day.

This isn’t to say that exotic cars like the Lamborghini Huracán or Bugatti Chiron wouldn’t fall victim to theft, but there simply aren’t enough of them on the road in the US to make them top contenders for vehicles like the Camry or Civic.  So we think that means that the moral of the story is, if you want to avoid having your vehicle stolen… you should buy European?


Ultimately, if it has wheels it can get stolen, and the more of a particular model, as well as the easier it is to bust into, the more likely it’ll get boosted.

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