Jeep Scrambler: A New Truck

The Jeep brand is making changes that we’ve already begun to get excited about. The most popular off-road model in the world is about to have its next-generation and shortly thereafter we will finally have the first Jeep pickup truck that’s been offered in several decades. While Jeep has yet to take off the camouflage and let us see what this new pickup truck will be, the team at have posted information and screenshots that let us see some of the details of this new pickup along with the name which will be offered to be the JT Scrambler; harkening back to a name that’s been used in the past.

Details Discussed

Let me be perfectly clear; none of the information regarding this new pickup is official and it won’t be until the vehicle is offered on the market. That being said, the speculation and information gathered on the site mentioned allow us to see the new Jeep Scrambler (we’ll call it this name for lack of a better option) will be powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 diesel engine. This engine will be offered with start/stop technology and should give this new truck excellent low-end power.

The fact that only one engine is listed makes us wonder whether or not Jeep will offer this new truck with more powertrains. We have expected to see the Pentastar V6 engine and the turbocharged four-cylinder as well. We also don’t have any information regarding the transmissions that could be used for this truck, but like many other new vehicles, the new Scrambler may be offered with only one or two powertrains to start with to allow for development and needs to be addressed in future model years. Even though we haven’t heard about the transmissions, the expected rear end is an upgraded Dana 12-bolt rear which is more than the current eight-bolt Dana setup used in the Jeeps we drive today.

Sizes and Options

We expect to see this new Scrambler offered with two hardtops and the Sunrider soft top we’ve become accustomed to with Jeep. This will allow the truck to be a convertible model and the first convertible pickup from FCA in a long time. The shape of the frame, according to CAD images from the website, show a shape that’s much different from the typical Jeep Wrangler, which allows us to feel this isn’t simply a Jeep Wrangler with a bed attached.

The expected length of the vehicle will arrive at approximately 205 inches. This is 33-inches longer than the current Jeep Wrangler, but it’s shorter than a Crew Cab version of the Chevrolet Colorado with a short box that comes in at 212.7 inches. Because of this closeness in size we can at least ascertain that the new Scrambler will be a truck that’s not considered a small truck and won’t be outclassed by others in the market. Soon, we’ll have official information from Jeep, until then, we can continue to grab snippets and spy shots to try and figure out what the Scrambler will be.

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