The Kia Telluride is Poised for Success

Right after the automotive recession, Kia attempted to take advantage of the fact that the American automotive brands were facing bankruptcy and in a bit of a crisis by offering us a large three-row SUV with a body on frame build called the Kia Borrego. This SUV met its demise after only 22,663 models were sold. This is certainly an example of the poor timing in the market and the fact that we weren’t looking for large SUVs when the gas prices were soaring and our economy was reeling on its heels.

It’s time for Kia Success in this Market

The Kia brand is ready for round two with a three-row SUV, but this time it’s a crossover model that could be the biggest offered and driven. The new model we will see is the 2020 Kia Telluride that will be bigger than the Borrego and can be the biggest SUV sold by this brand. Even though Kia already offers us a three-row crossover in the Sorrento, the new Telluride is made to be one that offers the comfort and size needed to make sure you can drive with your passengers and know that everyone has plenty of room.

The Size and the Shape You’re Looking for

The new Kia Telluride is built to be larger in every way to make sure you have the added comfort you desire, and it also brings in a new look to ensure you can feel more like you’re driving a true SUV instead of a disguised minivan. The build is a two-box shape which we’ve seen in other brands at the top of the SUV market and the design is subtle and ready to give you the look you want. Kia offers the Telluride a clean and simple look with rugged features that are made for the outdoors.

This Kia Cabin is a Hit

Open the doors to the new Telluride and you’re going to be presented with a long list of soft-touch materials, attractive elements, and the electronics you’re looking for. The ergonomics make you comfortable, the steering wheel gives you the confidence you need, and the faux-wood inserts are impressive to capture your attention. You’ll see brushed metal and elegant style that will ensure you can have the look you want and the features you’ve been after. Move up the trim levels and have the luxury qualities in a mainstream SUV.

Get Ready for the Right Kia SUV

Enjoy the sounds coming from the Harman/Kardon sound system and the technology that’s impressive for you to have the concert feeling in the cabin that you want. Connect to the infotainment system, get out on the road, and let the Telluride be the right SUV for you and your family. Whether you need take kids to activities with their gear and creations or its time to head out of town for the weekend, the Telluride makes the journey nearly as enjoyable as the destination will be for you.

Looking for something slightly different? Opt for the Kia Sportage today!

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