Why Buying a Pre-owned Toyota is (Almost) Always a Great Idea

The major advantage of buying a used vehicle is the lower price tag. As we all know, new cars start to depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot.

But shopping for a pre-owned car has its pitfalls and buyers need to choose carefully to ensure they really are getting a good deal. Most people would agree that buying a Japanese brand is usually a safe option. Toyota is highly recommended by drivers and always scores well in studies carried out by J. D. power and Consumer Reports. Toyota is well known for reliability and safety and is one of the top choices when buying a car – new or used. Toyotas are guaranteed to be on any best pre-owned cars list.

Buying a pre-owned Toyota is a great idea – most of the time. Despite all the glowing reports and high recommendations there are a few Toyota model years you should probably avoid. Even the best get it wrong sometimes! Overall Toyota comes up tops when it comes to pre-owned vehicles, but just be aware of some of the not-so great years and models.

Pre-owned Toyota’s are great deals!

Toyota offers so many great choices in the pre-owned market, from the fuel-efficient Toyota Highlander – a quality vehicle whatever model year – to the Toyota Prius, a highly efficient hybrid that’s been around since 1997. The Toyota Corolla is one of the best selling vehicles in the Toyota lineup, offering great value used – and you see a lot of them on the road. It has good brand recognition, and is renowned for its safety and reliability. Then there’s the Toyota Tacoma pickup, which offers rugged off-road capability and quality. Many used ones have high mileage but these are capable of running well past 200,000, so there’s a lot of life left in them.

Watch out for 2007 Toyota models!

The Toyota Camry is one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States and one of the top cars people shop for. Known for being affordable and reliable, it’s one of the most respected and dependable sedans money can buy. However, there were problems with the 2007 Camry model and lots of issues were reported, including engine failings, transmission problems and leaking oil. So if you’re in the market for a used Camry, just make sure it’s not a 2007 model.

The Toyota Rav4 has helped popularize the compact crossover SUV since its 1997 debut. It offers safety and dependability and is a great vehicle for the money. But just like the Camry you should look out for the 2007 model – it must have been just one of those years! Owners reported thousands of mechanical faults, including problems with the engine, overheating and oil leaks.

Buying a pre-owned Toyota – a good investment, most of the time!

Toyota has a lot to offer in the used car market and this is just a small sampling. Buying a used Toyota is a good investment (most of the time) because of consistently high reliability and safety ratings. And people who own or have owned Toyotas will probably highly recommend them used or new.

Visit your local used car dealer to see what’s available. There are plenty of reliable used cars out there, but Toyota is a brand that could give you a bit more for your money.

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