Dealership Reviews, Testimonials & Why Dealers Need Them

The Power of Influence

Before the big rise in social media and digital marketing, Google reviews and word of mouth from neighbors and friends are all anyone had to base opinions on. Today, social media is an integral part of a company’s brand and marketing, and reviews and testimonials are more important than ever. According to Invesp, nearly 90 percent of people trust online dealership reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family. Reviews can live on your dealer’s website, Google, and social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. People are all too happy to share a positive and negative experience with followers online which includes friends, families, and even strangers, all of which could be potential new customers.

The Positive & the Negative

Dealership reviews and testimonials come in different forms, and they may not always be positive. As a dealership, you should strive to respond to or acknowledge all reviews.

A negative review can spread like wildfire, and it’s your job to make sure to promptly and respectfully respond to those negative reviews before your reputation is hurt. The best way to implement automotive reputation management is by responding promptly and respectfully will show the disgruntled customers that their voices are heard and that you are listening. Sometimes people mess up and it’s important to acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake and are doing all you can to rectify it. You also have to chance to highlight your strengths that the bad review may not have mentioned. By responding to the negative reviews, you’ll also influence those potential new customers who are judging you based on reviews.

For the positive dealership reviews, it’s equally important to thank those customers for being a loyal customer. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and respected, especially those loyal customers who are proud to share their positive experiences with others. You need to make them feel valued and keep that relationship strong and positive.

How to Collect Reviews

There are a few ways you can increase the chances your customers will write reviews about their experience at your dealer. Incentives are one option that will help motivate your loyal and new customers to share their experiences with the world. A coupon for a percentage off select services or a discount is just a couple of examples of incentives you can use. You could also host a giveaway with a cash prize or similar. Have your customers write a review on Google, share a screenshot of it on their favorite social media platform and then randomly select a winner. People are drawn to write reviews when there’s something in it for them.

Another way to increase your odds of receiving customer reviews is by providing excellent and share-worthy service. Of course, you should already be providing top-notch service to your customers, but when you go that extra mile for them, they certainly take notice and will be more inclined to recommend you to their friends and family looking to buy a new vehicle.

Impress Customers with Your Dealership Reviews

Online dealership reviews are powerful tools that customers use to influence their buying decisions. It’s important to make sure your dealer stands out among the competition through four and five stars reviews. When you provide excellent service, you’ll be rewarded with those eager to write a positive review. Equally, those negative reviews can affect your reputation, but you can help turn the negatives into a positive by ensuring you address them promptly and work to resolve the conflicts. Prioritizing your dealership reviews will only help your dealer grow and show customers that you are the real deal.

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