Hyundai is Entering the Alternative Fuel Market for Semi Trucks

Big trucks that are built to carry massive loads of materials to stores around the country and allow us to enjoy the benefits of the goods and services we want to experience on a regular basis. While these trucks are big and useful in their purpose, the fact is, these trucks emit a lot of pollutants into the air which is something that we would like the automotive industry to stop doing. With this in mind, Hyundai is exploring alternative fuel options to make it possible for these large trucks to stop emitting any pollutants into the air.

The Fuel Cell Models that can be Right

The use of a hydrogen fuel cell under the hood of a large semi-truck is exactly what will make a huge difference when it comes to polluting the air. Hydrogen fuel can be used in the same way as gasoline or diesel in the way that it fills the tanks of the truck, but the emissions that are put out into the air is only water vapor. Hyundai is one of the brands that’s looking into making this new type of semi-truck a reality for the trucking industry.

Developing this Truck Begins

Hyundai has released an early design sketch of what the hydrogen fuel cell semi-truck could be. Right now, the goal is to put this truck on the roads in Europe as early as next year to begin to see if it will be a truck that can get the job done. This truck is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible to make sure it can be a truck that allows an efficient ride and performance on the road. With the shape of this truck and the blue color application on the body will make it so that this new truck can show off its dynamic character on the container.

We Don’t Know Much, but this Could Change the Game

Right now, we see these large tractor trailers driving across the country and around the world with their stacks of emissions being emitted out of the exhaust. If a hydrogen fuel cell truck is developed for the market it would absolutely change the game. These types of vehicles have already begun to show the ability to drive for just as long as models that make use of gasoline for the drive that needs to be made, which makes the emissions of water vapor much better for the environment.

Hyundai May Become the World Leader

Hyundai could be the first to the market with a fuel cell semi-truck, but it also has an interest in several other areas of the vehicle development. They recently completed the first-ever highway journey with an autonomous semi-truck which was a prototype Hyundai Xcient which was used to drive itself between Uiwang and Incheon while towing a cargo trailer. With this truck and new hydrogen models, it will be time for the world to build new refueling stations to add hydrogen to the tanks of the vehicles on the roads.

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