Mobility from GM Going Forward on Two Wheels

Many mobility solutions that could be developed to offer us new ways to get where we need to go and GM is going to be part of the solution.

Many automakers around the world are quickly realizing they cannot rely on the sales of their vehicle lineups for their future success. As the world becomes more connected and we see more cities that are tighter and more self-sustaining, there won’t be as much of a need for vehicles that can travel greater distances on a daily basis. 

What Does the Future of Mobility from GM Look Like?

There’s no doubt that we will see more vehicles offered in the future so that we can have models that will work great on the roads and wherever we need to go. GM has already begun a mobility push with the Cruise Automation program that will launch with more models being tested and more availability in the future. One of the ways that we will see a mobility difference from GM will be with a line of bikes that are powered by electricity, which we can drive and enjoy around cities with ease.

Why Bikes?

Even though many of the cities around the world have seen the population move to rural areas in order to spread out and commute into the cities for many years, it seems there’s a movement in reverse that’s begun. Cities are offering more transportation solutions, are gaining an attractive feeling for younger professionals, and have begun to be populated more heavily. GM could offer these e-bikes as a ride-sharing service that can be used around the city or offers them for sale to individuals who want to be able to own their own bike to ride.

What to Expect from these Bikes

The future of GM mobility will include a pair of e-bikes that could be used wherever you need to go. In fact, one of them, a folding model might be perfect for you to use if you were to live outside of the city you work in. This bike would fit in your trunk and make it possible for you to ride it from the parking area to your office. The other model is a compact model that won’t fold, but will still be a convenient choice for you when you want to ride into work.

A Contest for the Name

GM has launched a naming contest for the bike brand with a challenge that will award $10,000 to the winning name. This contest will run until November 26 and give you a chance to see your naming idea used by the brand. You could put your mark on the future of transportation from one of the largest companies in the world by naming the bike brand. Enter the contest and think about what the future of mobility will look like from GM and how it will affect the world as a whole.

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