New Vehicles You Might Want to Avoid

Not every vehicle is the best, or the right one for you. Some new vehicles can come with issues or annoyances that are hard to deal with.
While the automotive market has transformed from one of experimentation and a lack of reliability to one in which most vehicles are easy to trust, there are still models that make their way to the bottom of the market when being judged as reliable.

Problems with these models range from squeaky brakes to faulty transmissions, making it easy to see how they could end up at the bottom of the heap. While some of the least reliable models are models you may admire, it’s a good idea to review them fully before a purchase.

The Ten Least Reliable New Vehicles on the Market

Honda Odyssey

This popular minivan is one that’s often praised for its refinement, quietness, and fuel mileage, but it does make its way to being tenth on this list. The push-button gear selector can be troublesome when you drive. If you choose the Odyssey, make sure you take it for a test drive before the purchase.

Volkswagen Atlas

Coming up next is the newest member of the Volkswagen SUV lineup. This midsize SUV is one that’s comfortable and agile in the road but it has made its way to this list with a few issues. You could experience problems with the climate system, the transmission, and noises that you don’t recognize when you drive.

Buick Enclave

While this model was recently redesigned for the 2018 model year, it does have a few issues that make it the eighth least reliable model on the market. This SUV can be troublesome with the climate control system and emissions systems that could fail you when you drive it. This is an energetic SUV that can be great to drive, just be aware of some of the problems others have faced.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

You would expect a big and powerful pickup truck to be reliable, but this truck finds its way near the bottom of the list because of major engine issues that have been reported. Along with engine troubles, leaks and electronics issues were reported for this truck, which makes it one you might want to avoid.

Kia Cadenza

Even though the Kia brand is one that showed up as one of the most reliable brands on the market, the Cadenza is in the sixth spot on our list as a car that you can’t trust when you drive. This car suffers from issues with the climate control and fuel systems. This is a car that can be fun to drive with an energetic powertrain and a comfortable cabin.

Chevrolet Traverse

The Traverse is one of the most highly regarded SUVs on the market, which makes you wonder how it could be the fifth least reliable model offered. This SUV has been reported to suffer from minor transmission issues and problems with the in-car electronics. This model has plenty of power and can be right for you to drive, but keep in mind these reports. Especially when there are other Chevy SUV options available without such problems reported.

Honda Clarity

This car is fairly new to the market and as such isn’t a surprising addition to the bottom of the reliability scale. Issues that have been reported are related to the climate control and fuel systems as well as the body hardware and noise that is made from the hybrid engine that powers this car.

Cadillac ATS

This car has been discontinued for the 2019 model year and it might be good that it’s gone. As the car that ranks third on this list, it has had reported issues with the drive system, the climate system, and the in-car electronics that are part of the car. You can enjoy the ATS, just be aware of the items that have been issues for others.

Tesla Model X

From the beginning, the crossover SUV from Tesla that was supposed to change the market and capture our attention has been a problem. The SUV that caused Elon Musk to sleep at the office for several weeks is the runner-up on the list and one of the least reliable vehicles you can choose to drive.

Ram 3500

Another heavy-duty pickup truck makes its way to this list and is the one that’s listed as the least reliable vehicle on the market. This truck has some issues with the steering, suspension, fuel, emissions, engine, and cooling systems. Other issues reported included noises and leaks that make this a vehicle you should avoid.

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