Granite is the Name of Rugged GMC Driving

When the brand is GMC and the personality of that brand is to offer us rugged and rough SUVs that are ideal for driving wherever and whenever we need to, it’s important that a new SUV carry a name that makes you feel this way. GMC understands this and has chosen Granite as the name of its new subcompact crossover SUV. This new SUV will share a platform with the Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax, but it won’t share the personality as this SUV is expected to fit into the GMC lineup perfectly.

Spying the Granite on the Road

Recently, the new GMC Granite has been seen out on the roads wearing the testing camouflage we’ve become accustomed to when a vehicle heads out for the tests that we expect a vehicle to be put through. The pictures tell us this little SUV will look different from the Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore to make it a versatile, capable, and attractive GMC model that we’re sure to love and admire on the road. The look is of a squared off SUV that brings you the rugged build you’re looking for in a small package.

Powering the Granite

The platform being used is called the Gamma II platform. This has been one that GM enjoys using for the small SUVs it offers, making it quite pint-sized in comparison to larger models like the GMC Yukon XL. Because of this being the platform of the Granite, the SUV will have access to a number of small transverse-mounted engines that will make their way under the hood. The most likely being the 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s found under the hood of the Encore right now, but there could be a few different options that are used. Right now, this power is put through a six-speed automatic transmission, which we might see in the Granite.

Going Up Against a Large Market

We’ve talked about and seen the amazing way the small SUVs have grown in numbers over the years. The new Granite will be put into this class and have to fight and claw its way to the front of the stage in order to grab the attention needed. You can expect the Granite to be offered with the performance features you’re looking for when you want to head out on the trails and have a great ride and it appears that this SUV will usher in a new styling personality for the future of the GMC lineup.

When Will the Granite Arrive?

The expected arrival of the GMC Granite is sometime in the 2020 model year. Before that occurs, we will likely see this SUV ride across the stage at a show or two. That will give us a chance to see and admire even more what the Granite will be and how it can be built to change the focus of the GM subcompact SUVs for the future. If you’re ready for an SUV with the personality and impressive features that should be part of this SUV, look forward to the next time we have a chance to make the Granite the subject of our conversation.

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