Learning What Cars to Choose from Jay Leno

Jay Leno is a car guy through and through and he hosts his own show where he talks about cars and shows off some of his own.

You might know him best as one of the most successful comedians in the world, but the automotive community knows him as one of the most popular ambassadors for the cars that we love to drive. As an avid car enthusiast and expert, he’s someone you might want to listen to when it comes to the car you’ll want to buy when you’re looking for one that will become a classic and a collectible in the future.

The Nostalgia of the Leno Car Collection

As no surprise to anyone, Jay Leno does offer the fact that your own nostalgia could become what causes you to choose to think of a car as a collector’s item. Do you remember the car you took to prom? Have you thought about the car you drove as a teenager, even if it was one that barely drove and you spend a lot of time fixing? Do you have a car that your parents’drove that offers a particular connection to your history and emotions that you might want to enjoy once again? All of these are reasons to have a particular car and think of it as the collector’s item you’ll want to hang onto.

The Jay Leno Collector’s Picks

For the current generation of youngsters, the cars that will create the memories and become the items that are kept for a few generations could be the first generation of the Mazda MX-5 Miata, the original models of the Toyota Prius, a few different EV models that are on the market now, and a few other choices. These are some of the most popular cars right now and they do offer collector factors you might want to enjoy.

A Strange Suggestion from Jay Leno

The Prius may seem like a strange pick because there were a lot of them sold and there have been plenty of times this car has been improved. The way this car will become a collector item is the fact that it was simple and elegant compared to the modern items we see on the market now, and that’s what Leno believes will be the draw to this car as we look to it for the drive we want to keep for several years.

Keep Collecting Jay

Eventually, there will be classic versions of the EV models that we see now and Jay Leno happens to be a person who owns a first generation of an EV that he’s holding onto in order to see the value it will eventually bring. He was offered $440,000 for this first generation of the car and he turned it down. That should be a hint to the rest of us that if we have one of the original EV models that came on the road over the past couple of decades, we need to hang onto them for the value they will bring.

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