You Don’t Think of Styx When You Shop for a Hyundai

Most of the time if you hear the name Styx, it’s a Chicago-based rock band, but it seems this name is going to be used for a new Hyundai vehicle.
So far, we have no idea at all what the Styx name will be but it’s been filed with the European Intellectual Property Office as a reserved name to allow Hyundai to use it on one of its future offerings. Because of the type of name, we’re not sure what it will be placed on.

Hyundai Loves Odd Names

While we’ve grown used to some of the names of vehicles offered by every brand around the world, some brands use names for every vehicle they build while others offer a number or letter designation until a vehicle is offered for production. Recently, Hyundai offered us the new Kona as a small vehicle that’s fun to drive and before that, it was the Ioniq. This brand also has a vehicle called the Veloster, and now has a sub-brand called N as part of the performance we can expect from them in the future. With all these strange names, why not use Styx as a vehicle that’s driven every day?
So far, the filing for the trademark classification is for automobiles, sports cars, SUVs, EVs, trucks, and buses. If that sounds like it covers the entire spectrum of passenger vehicles, you’re right. Does this mean the new Styx name could be used as a part of a vehicle and not just an entire vehicle that’s offered by Hyundai in Europe? This is certainly something that’s happened in the past by several automakers. Think of the Coyote and Duramax engines from Ford and GM to name just a couple of ways a name could be used for a part of the vehicle.

Are We Looking for the Next Hyundai Concept

Every year automakers offer us a variety of concept models that we can admire and enjoy at the different shows around the world. There are two shows in Europe that are on the calendar for the next few months. The Paris Motor Show is in the fall and the Geneva Motor Show is scheduled for next spring. This unique name could be what Hyundai uses to name one of the concepts its preparing to offer us at one of these shows.
While we don’t know what the Styx name will be used for by Hyundai, it’s easy to see that there could be a myriad of ways the brand uses the name for the future. Once we know what the Styx is from this brand, we will forever attach the name to that part of the vehicle or to the entire vehicle itself. We’ll have to wait and see what Hyundai tells us this name will be used for, but hopefully, it’s something that will make the journey from Europe to North America to be something we can admire in the US.

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