The Ferris Zero Turn Mowers Offer You More

Have you ever used a zero turn mower to cut the grass on your lawn? While many models are now built with a seat and offer you a cupholder to take a drink with you, you’ll feel every bump and divot in your yard.

Unless you’ve landscaped your area perfectly to never have a low or rough spot when you mow, you’re going to have a challenging ride when you mow the lawn, but you might not notice because you’ve gotten used to a rough ride and the lack of one extremely important feature.

What could make your lawn mowing ride smoother and more enjoyable? An actual active suspension system can allow you to have the drive you want even on your grass. There is one brand of zero turn mowers that offers you the ability to have this feature on the mower you ride on around your property and that brand is Ferris. The difference you’ll experience in a Ferris Zero Turn mower with an active suspension system makes it much easier for you to have the smooth ride you want and the mowing results you’ve been looking for.

Here’s How the Ferris Suspension System Helps You

If you want ride comfort, it’s been proven in the vehicles that we drive on the roads that an active independent suspension can help provide you with the smooth drive you want, even on rougher roads. With the Ferris suspension system on the zero turn mower you choose, you’ll have a smoother ride as the wheels and suspension articulate with the terrain but allow you to stay on a smooth and even path as you ride along getting the grass cut and mowing the way you want. With this system, you’ won’t have to worry that your drink will spill while you mow either.

The promise of a smooth ride is actually secondary to the results you’ll receive with the Ferris Zero Turn Mower. Because the mower deck is also attached to the suspension, the height of the deck above the grass remains consistent as you mow your yard. With most mowers, the deck is one large item that has little to no adjustments, leaving you with some higher areas and lower areas because of the differences in your yard. The Ferris mower deck is hinged and adjusts on both sides to make mowing even and perfect for you.

Take a look at the different choices you have when it comes to the Ferris Zero Turn mowers that have an active independent suspension on them. This is the brand you trust and now it also offers you the benefits of a smooth ride and the smooth cut you want that’s even and easy to admire on your lawn. Come in and see your nearby Ferris dealer and choose the right mower for your yard and begin to mow with the comfort you need and the results you’ve been looking for in the mower you ride around your lawn.

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