The Ferris SRS Z1 Mower Can Be Perfect for You

If you’re looking for a mower that can work like a ride-on model but give you the versatility of being able to get on and off with ease when you’ve got a lot of stuff in the way, the Ferris SRS Z1 mower can be the right stand-on mower for you to experience the ride you’re looking for.

This mower is compact and comfortable to allow you the flexibility you’re looking for when you head out to take care of your yard area to get the grass cut.

When you need a mower that will let you get through tight gates or make it easy to load and unload on smaller trailers, the Ferris SRS ZR1 is the right model to use. Whether you’ve got a large yard that will need to be mowed or you’re looking for the mower to handle your commercial landscaping needs, this mower can give you what you want. Riding on this stand-on model gives you a comfortable experience and allows you to get on and off easily when you need to so that you can move around the yard with ease while you enjoy mowing with this amazing model.

The Ferris SRS Z1 Gives You a Lot in a Small Package

As the smallest of these mowers, you’ll be glad to enjoy the experience on the back of the SRS Z1. This model has a smaller mowing deck to make sure you can mow through tight areas and fit where you need to without any trouble at all. The SRS part of the name stands for Soft Ride Stand-on which is absolutely the case with the suspension technology used for the comfort you’re looking for when you ride behind this mower as you take advantage of what it offers.

Some of the features you’ll find in this impressive mower include the Vanguard Kawasaki FX600V engine or the FX691V engine to power the ride. The PTO will disengage when you leave the platform to move items that are in your way and it starts again when you get back on. There’s an easy locking three-position ground speed control system to make sure you ride smooth and easy when mowing with this machine. You can choose either a 36-inch or 48-inch deck for the mower you want to enjoy when you enjoy the ability to get the mowing done.

The ability to stand up and take a ride on the mower that offers you the capability to stop, dismount, and move debris when you need to is an important during your mowing experience every week. Check out what the Ferris SRS Z1 has for you to be able to enjoy the ride on your yard and the turning radius, small size, and easy movement that’s offered with this mower. Come in and see your nearby Ferris dealership and let this become the mower that will let you have the power to get things done and be the best tool in your garage. Your local lawn & tractor equipment dealership can help to get you into the perfect Ferris product for your specific yard and terrain.


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