The Different Large Sedan

In a world where we see most of the sedans on the market equipped with FWD and a premium on fuel mileage, the Chrysler 300 stands out as a car that offers you the benefits of RWD and a pair of powerful engines to make sure you can enjoy what this full-size sedan can offer for your driving pleasure. You won’t see a four-cylinder engine under the hood of this car and you’ll certainly admire the aggressive and elegant look of a car that shows up on a daily basis in order to give you the smooth ride you’ve been searching for.
If you’re ready to have a roomy family sedan with a big trunk that can offer you the power you want, the Chrysler 300 is the car you need to consider. This is the sedan that allows all five passengers to be comfortable when riding along while offering a bountiful list of features that can ensure you have the ability to enjoy the qualities you’re looking for. While this car sounds like one that would be extremely expensive, it’s actually affordable to give you the price you want and the drive you need.

As you take a look at the trim levels offered of the Chrysler 300, you’ll see a variety of names that have been set up a bit differently than in the past. The new entry-level model is called the Touring and it offers cloth upholstery and 17-inch wheels for your comfort and drive. The 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine is also now standard for the top 300C trim but remains an optional choice if you want to drive the 300S trim. There’s a lot for you to choose from and an excellent way to have the drive you’ve been after with this incredible sedan.

The Stuff You Want

Even though you’re going to love the RWD layout of the Chrysler 300, if you’ve been looking for a large sedan that brings you more control on the road, you need to choose the 300 that has AWD to give you the driving enjoyment you want. This feature is offered as one of the only models that have AWD in this class, making the 300 a special car that has the qualities you’ve been after when you want a car that has the power to give you a great drive and the control to back it up.

Make the right choice in a vehicle that has more of the features and style than you’ve found in many others. The Chrysler 300 brings you the control, the power, and the drive you’ve been after. This is a large sedan that makes it possible for you to avoid the luxury car prices you might expect to find in a car that’s offered at this size. Come in and see your nearby Chrysler dealer and let this become the car you choose to drive on a daily basis. You’re sure to be amazed by what this car offered when you see it on the lot near your home.

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