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Most of us have a long daily commute that we need to face and handle and we need the right car for the job. The compact car market is littered with models that you can choose from, but one that stands out as a choice that makes a lot of sense for you is the Ford Focus. This car is offered as an affordable sedan or versatile hatchback to make sure you can have the qualities that make a lot of sense for you. Find the right Focus for your driving needs at your nearby Ford dealer today.
Yes, the Ford Focus is affordable, fuel efficient, and attractive for you to have the drive you’re looking for. The sporty driving dynamics are why you want to choose this model with the qualities that can be yours in the Focus RS or the Focus ST which are both models that increase the power and performance you’re looking for when you want to get out on the road and take a drive. These two models handle well and offer you the steering feeling and drive you want to make which will allow you to have the quality driving experience you’re looking for.

You can start with the lower models and have 160 horsepower under the hood of the S and SEL models. If you want to have more efficiency and less power, the SE model uses a three-cylinder engine and has 123 ponies for your drive. Of course, if you choose to move up to the models that truly give you the power and performance you desire, the Focus ST brings you 252 ponies while the Focus RS pumps up the power to 350 horsepower from the four-cylinder engine under the hood of this amazing hot hatch.

Other Items You’ll Want to Focus On

For only a small fee, you can have the benefits of an active parking assistance system that will practically park the Focus for you. This system finds the appropriate amount of space and does all the steering for you while giving you instructions for the pedals and gear changes. There is also a Titanium Technology Package that doesn’t cost a lot to add to the Focus and it gives you a long list of excellent active safety systems that will alert you when one of the systems is activated to ensure you’re warned of potential danger.

The right small car for you to have the drive you’re looking for can be the Ford Focus. This little car comes in a variety of great versions to be the one you’ll want for the driving experience you need to enjoy on a daily basis. Come in and see what this car can be for you when you take it out on the road. This is a car offered at your nearby Ford dealer to be the right choice for your driving experience; come in and see which model of the Focus can be the right model for your daily drive.

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