The Ram Rebel TRX Is Ready for Serious Performance

There is a Ram that can give you incredible performance.  This Ram is called the Ram Rebel TRX and it’s ready to take you on the trails.

If you’re the Ford F-150 Raptor there aren’t many trucks on the market that would make you shake on your tires. Even the regular form of the Ram Rebel isn’t quite enough to challenge your dominance on the market and push you aside even though the Rebel offers some incredible off-road performance qualities that make it an admirable and enjoyable truck to drive. What would you think if Ram offered an insane upgrade to what the Rebel already is? Would that make you shake and quake with the fear that you’re going to feel when this truck is climbing a hill behind you?

Ram certainly counts on the Ford F-150 Raptor being afraid of what the next version of the Rebel will be. This truck will be called the Ram Rebel TRX and its job is going to be to hunt down the Raptor models on the trails and the outdoor area in order to take over as the top pickup truck with all the off-road features you want to experience when you drive for some fun. This seems like a feat that Ram might not be ready to pull off, but there’s some history here to let you know the Rebel TRX will become a reality.

The History to Support the Ram Rebel TRX

In the past, the Ram team offered us the SRT-10 as a pickup truck that was powered in a way that it shouldn’t have been. This truck was offered with the engine form the Dodge Viper to make it a truck that was possibly harder to drive than the regular Viper. You can find a ton of videos online to watch with the SRT-10 models doing some amazing burnouts and then crashing into ditches because the driver wasn’t experienced enough to handle the ride.

Because the SRT-10 showed us that pickup trucks were getting too big for the power we want to enjoy when it’s time to have the drive needed, it seemed danger was imminent and most high-powered pickup trucks were deleted from the market. The Ford F-150 Raptor showed that we can have a high-powered truck that can head out on the trails in order to have a lot of fun. This truck has been successful enough to be a huge profit maker for the Ford brand to be a truck that mane people want to take out to the trails.

Ram is looking to take a piece of the market with the Ram Rebel TRX with the plan to offer this truck with the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine under the hood. This truck is already expected to make 575 horsepower with the Hellcat engine under the hood. It seems we should expect to have 707 horsepower because that’s what the Hellcat engine is rated at in the Dodge Charger and Challenger and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Possibly before this new truck arrives on the market the engine will have 707 horsepower for you to make use of out on the trails and in the wilderness.

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