A Completely Redone Ram for You

It was time for a serious upgrade for the Ram 1500 and the Detroit Auto Show is where the Ram team chose to give us a look at what the new 2019 Ram 1500 would look like and how it would be the right truck for your future driving needs. This truck has been redone with a foundation that now shows off an impressive new build and the qualities that make sense for you to have the ride you’ve been after. Here are some of the things you want to know about this new truck that will be right for your future driving needs.

New Frame –This new frame that the Ram 1500 is built on is made of 98 percent high-strength steel to be the strongest and the lightest frame to ever be used on this truck. This area of the Ram 1500 has lost 100 pounds to be one that’s built right and is as tough as you can expect for the drive you’ll need to make when you want to maximize the use of power.

Weight Loss –While 100 pounds was lost in the frame, overall, the truck has lost nearly 225 pounds to be much lighter than before. high-strength and lightweight materials were used strategically in this truck, specifically in the tailgate, engine mounts, forward cross members, and steering gear items to ensure you can have a lighter truck to drive.

Capability –The ability to haul and pull what you need has been improved to make sure you can have what you need when you head out on the roads toward the job site. The payload has been improved to 2,300 pounds and the tow rating you can enjoy in this truck comes in at 12,700 pounds giving you the power to pull a trailer or a large boat wherever you need to go.

Two Engines –We’ve seen this truck offered with three engines in the past and it will eventually be offered with all three once again. When it launches, you’ll be able to choose either the 3.5-liter Pentastar V6 or the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engines while the diesel will come later in the calendar year of 2019. This does give you a great place to start with this truck and something to look forward to.

It’s a Hybrid –There is now a 48-volt electrical system offered in the new E-torque system that has a belt driven motor generator in place of a traditional alternator. This gives you some mild hybrid functions including regenerative braking and start/stop functionality which allows you to recapture some of the energy that’s often lost in order to have the drive you want to enjoy.

Improved Power Numbers –The new electrical system makes use of a 300 watt-hour battery pack that’s mounted to the back wall of the cab adds much more torque for the drive. In the V6 engine version, you add 90 more lb.-ft. of torque and for the V8 that number is 130 lb.-ft. increased over the standard engine. This system also smooths out the shifting as well.

More Efficient–The improved bodywork gives the truck the most aerodynamic look in this class in order to make this truck more efficient for your drive. This means you can enjoy a lighter truck with the hybrid power offered and enjoy fuel savings over the outgoing models of the Ram 1500. This makes the drive much better for you and more of what you’re going to want on the road.

Axle Warmers –In the 2WD models of this truck there is an axle warmer to warm up the axle lubes in colder temperatures which improve the overall efficiency of the truck as you drive. This is done by using heat exchangers and it also monitors the temperatures of this area of the truck when you’re hauling and towing a heavy load.

The Tidbits –Some of the smaller items that you’ll notice that make this a nicer truck for you to drive includes an all-new interior, a gas-charged damper for the lowering of the tailgate at a slower rate, a key-fob battery that’s made to last up to six years, and an infotainment screen that’s a full 12-inches in size to give you an incredible look for your connectivity.


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