Buick is Leading the Way

When you want to purchase a new model to drive for the next few years, the experience you have at the dealership makes the difference in whether or not you purchase from that location or not. Unless you have your heart set on one particular brand or model, you won’t stay long if the dealership experience is one that turns you off or makes you feel pressured to buy what the team has to offer. Knowing how important it is that you have an excellent experience when you head to the dealership, Buick has the right experience for you.

If you want to make sure you have a satisfying purchase and the time you spend at the dealership is enjoyable for you, Buick is leading the way according to the J. D. Power Sales Satisfaction survey. As the top mass-market brand when it comes to how customers feel when they spend their time and money at Buick, you’re going to know you’ve found the right place to purchase that Buick Envision SUV or Regal luxury sedan when you make your way to your nearby dealership.

What Goes Into the Numbers?

There are four measurements that go into the 1,000-point scale that came from over 29,000 new buyers to give us the results of this survey. The four considerations that went into the numbers and the results are: working out the deal, the salesperson, the delivery process, and the facility. The fact that Buick was able to reach the top of this survey is certainly a nod to the commitment to satisfaction and success of the consumers that choose to spend their time and money at Buick when searching for the right vehicle to drive.
Most of the Buick dealerships around the country share a dealer lot with another GM brand which is GMC. In this survey, the GMC shoppers ranked the experience high enough for the brand to be ranked third on the list which was only bested by Mini. Subsequently, Chevrolet, another GM brand, captured the fourth spot, putting GM brands in three of the top four spots for the ranking of the satisfaction offered for the survey. With this in mind, you know you’re going to have an excellent experience when you choose one of these GM brands for the vehicle you want to enjoy driving.

A Brand You Can Count On

As the brand that reached the top of the mass-market brands you know you’re going to have a premium vehicle to enjoy driving on the roads in your area when you choose a Buick. Now that you also know you can have the most impressive experience with the four characteristics that are put into this survey, you can feel confident and comfortable checking out any of the excellent models offered from the Buick brand when you’re ready to find the one that you’ll want to enjoy on a daily basis. If it’s time for a new vehicle for you, choose Buick and secure the model that you want to enjoy on the road.



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