When Video Game Bundles Go Berserk

If you’re a gamer and you love to play racing games, it’s likely you’ve shopped for bundles that either come with an upgraded system, the online improvements to the game you want or a collection of different games to make it possible for you to have the fun you’re looking for. When you shop for a bundle you typically search for a value in the package to pay less than you would if you purchased all the components of the bundle individually, but that doesn’t seem to be the cars with a recent bundle that was offered online.

When the price of a video game bundle is $46,000 what’s your initial reaction? Most likely you’re going to think this was a typo by the company that’s offering the bundle and wonder what’s included in the bundle to justify the price asked. Recently, a bundle of this price showed up for the new Grand Turismo Sport PS4 game and it actually makes perfect sense when you see what this bundle comes with in order to give you the complete fun and action you’re going to love for the drive you’re searching for on the road and the fun you can have at home.

The Package for the Price

When you break down all the components of what feels like an absurd price for the package of this game, there isn’t any savings offered, but you might have a hard time finding all the items individually, which does mean there’s a time savings. This video game package brings you a PS4 Pro, a PlayStation VR headset, Move controllers, a Thrustmaster T-GT PS4 racing wheel and pedals, an Apiga AP1 race sim seat, a 12-month PS Plus subscription, a Dualshock 4 wireless controller, a Sony Bravia 4K TV, a hard copy of Grand Turismo Sport, and a special limited-edition 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata to give you the complete package.

Most of the price is certainly captured in this Miata that’s offered. This car is a Gran Turismo Sport version of the car that is a bit more pricey than the standard Miata. With this car as the one in the bundle, the owner of this package can have a lot of fun out on the road in this car and then come home to experience this amazing racing game in a way that most of us will never get to enjoy the fun.

While there has only been one package like this made thus far, this isn’t the most insane video game package every put together. When the Grid 2 game launched it was offered in BAC Mono Edition form to include a copy of the game and a limited edition Grid 2 version of the BAC mono track car. This package was offered for a price of about $188,000 which makes the Gran Turismo package the one that feels more like a bargain package with the variety of amazing items that are offered to go along with the game.

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