Making Hot Hatches Even More Fun

When you think of the fun driving experience that can be had in a hot hatch you imagine twisting and turning on a track or during a run on the open road. These cars are built to be a lot of fun while offering you the impressive power you want for the drive but now we see one company has made these cars look and feel like tuner projects that show a ton of love that was put into them in order to show off and turn heads when they make their way to the podium.

What are these cars and where will they show up to be admired? These cars are four of the Ford Focus hot hatch models, three of which are RS model and one ST. The destination of choice to allow these cars to show off and present what Ford has done to make them even more fun is the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas. This is where these incredible models well are able to give us a look and feel that will offer us what we want and what could be imagined if we turned to a tuner to upgrade the hot hatches we love to drive.

The ST Model

The single Ford Focus ST model that will show up at the SEMA show will be one that’s easy to identify and admire. This car will wear a Midnight Purple paint job and have more power than the standard versions with a FullRace turbo kit, Ford Performance Exhaust, and tuning that was done by Blood Type Racing. There is also an improvement to the stance with an Air Lift Performance air suspension, a Wilwood brake kit with larger brakes, a Rally Innovations splitter kit and rear wing on the hatch along with a Thule roof rack system. This car will roll in on 19-inch B-Forged Performance wheels wearing Toyota T1 Sports tires.

Check Out these RS Models

As you take your eye of the ST model and look to the RS models of the Ford Focus you’ll see the TriAthlete which is a car that’s been built to handle the performance desired at the drag strips, on road courses, and on the backroads of America. This car wears a black matte finish with custom airbrush art and lightweight carbon fiber items that come from Anderson Composites. The Air Lift Performance Series suspension is found underneath the car while there is a boost in the engine that’s the result of the Ford Performance exhaust. This is a serious car for serious performance.

Another version of the Ford Focus RS offered is the result of a collaboration with Universal Technical Institute and Ford. This car shows up in Axalta Pennzoil yellow paint that will capture your attention and never let go. This car rides on 19-ich Rotiform wheels with Falken tires while wearing Anderson Composites carbon fiber body accessories. You’ll see a FullRace intake, intercooler, and piping along with BW Racing Coilovers that help to improve the handling and ride height of this vehicle.

Finally, there is a rally-inspired version of the Focus RS which uses a variety of Mountune parts including a high-flow induction kit and full intercooler upgrade. The exhaust has been upgraded to a Borla three-inch catted downpipe which leads to a Ford Performance S-Type exhaust. The ride height is adjusted by a set of RS-R Sports-I Coilover suspension and this version rides on a set of 19-inch OZ Racing Superturismo GT wheels to offer the performance ride that would be a lot of fun on the rally tracks around the world.

More From Ford

These four models aren’t all you’re going to experience at the SEMA show from Ford. This company is expected to have over fifty vehicles for us to admire and see during the show that always gives us an amazing experience. You can bet these four hot hatches will be a centerpiece of the show at the Ford booth, but there will be a large number of amazing models offered that has been tuned, upgraded and are wearing a variety of impressive accessories that help to increase the performance and fun on the road.

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