Another Ford Could Be On the Way

A new set of spy photographs have surfaced that hint at the possibility of a new Ford Bronco being tested alongside the Ford Ranger.

Unfortunately, the SUV wasn’t confirmed to be the new Bronco, but it certainly could be and with the camo offered on this SUV, it makes sense to think this could be the next version of the Bronco which has been off the market for several years and is a planned addition to the market on the next few model years.

Does it Matter

Whether the photos are of the new Ford Bronco mule that will be needed for testing on the roads and tracks until the release of this new SUV is actually of the new Bronco is irrelevant. The fact is, putting these pictures out there allows us to take once again about what the Ford Bronco will be and when it will finally make its way back to the market. Based upon the timing from Ford and the testing development we’ve seen so far, the Ranger will be offered first to take on the mid-sized truck segment and then the Bronco will follow.

While the Ranger has a market to compete in and it has been around in other markets for the past several years, allowing Ford to continue development, the Bronco will have one target in mind. This SUV was the only true competition for the Jeep Wrangler until it was removed from the market over twenty years ago, but the question remains as to whether or not a new one will be able to compete with the Wrangler. For this reason, the Ford team will likely take their time in the development of the new Bronco.

What We Expect

The new Ford Bronco is expected to immediately take on the Jeep Wrangler, which is also being developed and offered as a new generation model. The power expected should come from EcoBoost engines that are four and six-cylinder models to provide this SUV with enough power to get the job done and the lightweight build to be agile out on the trails. We might even see diesel and hybrid versions of the Bronco, but those probably won’t be offered when this SUV shows up for the first model year as it returns to the fray.

Right now we expect to see the Ford Bronco make its way across the stage at one of the auto shows in 2019 and possibly be a 2020 or 2021 model. That’s still a ways off, which gives Ford plenty of time to make certain the Bronco is everything we need. If this SUV were to make a serious splash and give us a look at what it can do, it would be an attention grabber for this vehicle to arrive at the Easter fun that Jeep schedules every year. That just might be the uproar that Ford is looking for in order to let this new Bronco arrive to show off what it will be able to do.

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